Ardell: The Best False Lashes

Have I mentioned before that every client I see gets a false lash? A full strip usually, and it’s always Ardell. Over the years I’ve tried a bunch of different brands, and even had a few years where ModLash 53′s were my go-to but that’s only because I hadn’t discovered how well Ardell’s stay on and how perfect they look. What really sold me was when I was working in in Mexico and used them on a bride for her rehearsal dinner/ pool party who swam wearing Ardell lashes for hours. When she finally jumped out she ran over to show me how the lashes were still on and in perfect condition. I was even impressed.

I think it’s the combination of their adhesive, thin and flexible band, and overall snug fit to the lash line that keep them in place and comfortable (which is key) for as long as you’d like them on. I’ve had several brides tell me that they wore them past the wedding and into the first few days of their honeymoon!

Here are the three I use most:

Ardell 110 are the ones I use 90% of the time. They look the most natural especially when you give them a curl and a coat of mascara after the glue dries – an important step for blending them into your own lashes.

Ardell 110

Their 120 lash gives the same natural look but with a little more drama, like a sexy amped up version of the 110. For a wedding, I save these for the bride.

Ardell 120

For some moms, grandmothers, and those whose lashes don’t have the length to support a longer lash, I use the shorter Demure lash which gives a natural look to those without a lot of natural fullness.

Ardell Demure

If you’re doing your own lashes for a special occasion and can’t commit to applying a full strip, check out their flairs, a good compromise that offers the fullness of a strip with the application ease of the individuals.

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