Safe Skincare For Babies

When it came time to choose skincare for my yet to be born daughter, I knew I wouldn’t be reaching for the typical J&J, (you can see what’s in their original formula Baby Lotion HERE.) I knew the formulas I chose would be clean, safe, and effective so after some research here’s the skincare we’ll be using on our baby girl.

Mustela Cold Cream

Cosmetics Database Rating: 5 See HERE

The product that’s linked to the database score is for the stick formulation, this is the cream one that I’m using but the ingredients are almost identical. I think the 5 score is because of the addition of fragrance but it’s a French line which means their fragrances aren’t sourced the same as ours and tend to be much safer.. This has been the only cream I’ve used on my growing belly that has stopped the insane itching. It locks in moisture using beeswax and natural fatty acids leaving a mild slip behind for hours with only the tiniest amount needed. Its dry skin formulation can also be used on red or irritated skin to calm and soothe.

Weleda Calendula Baby Cream

Cosmetics Database Rating: 5 See HERE

Again, pesky fragrance is to blame for the misleading 5 score, but I’m comfortable knowing that it’s safely sourced without chemical compounds. We’re big Weleda fans in our house so we knew their baby line would be a good fit for what we wanted. It’s rich in Almond Oil, Beeswax, and calming Calendula. I’ve heard for years how people use this formula to get rid of chicken skin on the backs of their arms because it’s so moisturizing and healing. It’s also rich and really creamy so just a little bit goes a really long way.

Olive Remedy Natural Diaper Cream

Cosmetics Database Rating: Unknown

A basket of goodies from this made in Colorado line was a gift from friends and it has me totally obsessed. It’s formulated by a pharmacist dad of three who was desperate to cure his children’s constant diaper rash. The line is outstanding- their Body Butter is the best I’ve ever used, a creamy solid that quickly melts into a rich oil upon skin contact for maximum absorption. I can’t obviously speak to the effectiveness of the rash cream yet, but the ingredients are the cleanest I’ve found (olive oil, grape seed oil, zinc, beeswax, jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, vitamin e, shea butter, palm oil, and almond oil) with a high 21% zinc to fight off skin irritations. If it’s as good as the rest of the line, I’ll be happy.

Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby-Mild Castile Soap

Cosmetics Database Rating: 1 See HERE

This and a foamer are all you need to clean just about everything. We ditched the Dial long ago and found that Dr. Bronner’s used as an everyday hand soap makes the biggest difference in the softness of your skin. I’ve gotten everyone hooked on this wash for their hair, skin, hands, dogs, kids, and whatever else needs mild cleansing. It’s ultra concentrated and the best castile soap you’ll find. Their unscented baby formula is what we’ll use for our little one’s bath time.

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