Laura Mercier Oil Free Supréme Foundation

I’m always excited to try a Laura Mercier foundation. Their Tinted Moisturizer is still the gold standard and their newer foundations are every bit as pigmented and high performing as anything I’ve tried from MAKE UP FOR EVER or even Armani. Their new Oil Free Supréme Foundation is a pigment-rich liquid foundation for those with oil-rich skin. I’ve used it on myself and a few clients and have gotten a beautiful result especially when I buffed it in with a Finishing Brush versus a sponge which can move the makeup around or even remove it- not what you want when you’re looking for coverage. I’ve been priming first before applying it, then spot powdering (if needed), and setting with a finishing spray as I always do on clients and have gotten long wear times without it settling or fading out.

Just make sure that your skin is in fact oily, otherwise opt for the Moisture Supréme because it won’t lay as well on skin that’s even a tiny bit dry. Also, get color matched before you buy so you can see it on the skin, an important thing with a fuller coverage foundation – not as important when the formula is more sheer.

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