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Click HERE to see a gallery of non-surgical cosmetic facial procedures along with before and after shots from I didn’t see a big difference in the chemical peel before and after photos, but I’m not a chemical peel fan since you can’t predict how far into the skin the chemicals will go – which can sometimes lead to burns. Scary! Microdermabrasion is another throw away treatment I think unless you do it pretty frequently in which case you should just get a PMD and get it over with. I’ve been looking into Thermage and want to try it on my lids! The before and after pic they have is just what I want, a little tightening without looking like a freak.

Anyway, it’s just fun to see how far technology has advanced and what we can improve without going under the knife even if it’s something (like me with Thermage, let’s face it..) you’ll never do.

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