Hourglass No 28 Primer Serum

Primers are eveolving. There’s a big all-in-one trend combining skincare principals to makeup right now (hello BB Creams) so some primers aren’t just layer of silicone anymore. I’ve tried a few really great ones lately that I was going to lump together for a hot new primer post, but they’re so impressive that I think they deserve shout outs all their own. Up first is No 28 Primer Serum $68 from Hourglass which I find to be more skincare that just happens to also prime the skin for makeup. It’s infused with essential and plant oils along with vitamins so it can even be used as a skin treatment at night sans makeup, perfect if you like the feeling of a weightless slip to the skin.

It does provide a plenty of reinforcement for a long lasting foundation wear time and gives the skin a more refined look and feel. It’s a really unique serum that isn’t greasy or heavy – it has been pretty awesome as my new go-to primer in my kit lately. If you’re as serious about the look and condition of your skin as you are your overall makeup routine, you have to check this one out.


  1. It is true that fashion trend is evolving at a fast rate and is expected to continue in a similar manner in days to come…

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