You Need This: A Big Fluffy Brush for Your Bronzer

If you’re a bronzer lover like me, then the best bet for a natural looking application every time is using a big fluffy brush. The bigger the brush, the wider you can disperse the product so isn’t applied so densely giving the face a streaky or harsh look. I’m loving Elizabeth Arden’s All Over Face Powder Brush ($22) which can be used to apply al things powder to the face. Its coverage is so great that just a few sweeps of bronzer is needed to create a warm glow on the face easily carrying the color down to the neck so there isn’t a harsh contrast between the two. It makes bronzing a ton easier.

And speaking of Arden.. I got to try their bronzers and wow – they’re pretty great. They went straight into my kit actually replacing a few that I didn’t use/like anyway (Bobbi Shimmer bricks if you mush know. Holy shimmer overload Batman.) Pure Finish Bronze Powder ($38) comes in 3 shades of intensity, all being matte but not exactly flat meaning they have a hint of pickup to them so they’re easier to wear and blend without looking shimmery. Not just a makeup, it has antioxidants, minerals, and skin-energizing ingredients with a light hint of rose scent. They’re really balanced and some of the best I’ve used, totally worth checking out.

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