Miracle Skin Transformer

If you’ve asked me for a concealer recomendation in the past few months, I’ve told you to high tail it into Sephora and grab Miracle Skin Transformer’s because it’s among the best I’ve ever used. I actually bought it and would again- both for me and my kit. It’s no surprise that their Miracle Skin Transformer (MST) for the face is just as stellar.

The all-in-one ease of MST for the face makes it perfect for both the girl who loves a good pre-foundation primer and she who wants great looking skin just by rubbing something on before heading out the door. It can be used as a primer if you want to build a little more coverage with foundation on top, but its true brilliance is how it gives that blurry effect to the skin so pores look smaller, discolorations fade away, and you have a really good look to your skin whether it’s used as a first or only step. It’s touted as a 5-in-1 for hydration, mattifying, SPF 20, priming, and perfecting – basically it makes the skin look and feel great. I’ve used it under mineral foundation, regular foundation, and on its own. It enhances whatever I use and just makes the skin look better. If nothing else, it’s my lazy makeup/SPF solution for the days when a full routine proves to be too much.

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