Bite Beauty: The Best in Lip Color

It’s not often I deem something to be the ‘best,’ with a vast beauty landscape and differeing tastes my best may not be the same as yours. But you’d be hard pressed to find better lip color than what Bite Beauty has to offer.

I’ve tried their scrub, primer, lipstick, gloss, and tint and each one blew me away. You almost forget that their formulations are natural because the modern packaging and professional performance could take on any artistry line that graces Sephora’s busy shelves. Their Primer absolutely keeps color on longer and diverts feathering while smoothing using argan and other natural conditioners. It’s the perfect first step for those who love their lip color.

For just a hint of color with a lip balm feel, check out their Lush Lip Tint. It’s like lipcolor for the lipcolor-phobic, it’s a just-right amount of pigment with a big dose of moisture that I’ve been using way more than my trusty lip balm. The outside color portion is rich with vitamins, fruit butters, and argan while the ‘B’ in the center contains super antioxidant Resveritrol to protect that delicate skin from environmental damage.

Not to mention all formulations are free of parabems, GMO’s, and synthetics.

Next time you’re looking for a lipcolor, you have to check out Bite, a line I promise you’ll love.

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