My Shellac Manicure Day 16

Since I didn’t get a pic on day 14, here’s what it looked like on day 16.

The good news: the color didn’t chip which I expected, but what I didn’t expect is for the color and shine to stay as brilliant as the day it was applied. I wash my hands a lot with the baby and especially when I work so a typical mani usually lasts only a few days, Shellac is the only polish that’s worth it for me to get because of its staying power. It’s a mani that lasts, period.

The downside: The outgrowth. It’s the nature of it, I know. Instead of chipped ends you get a colorless cuticle, it’s like another version of chipping. Not as bad though because it grows out evenly, but still not the painted perfection that days 1-9ish (depending on how quickly your nails grow) yield.

Being at the mercy of a salon visit might just be the biggest pro/con combo; you’ll be forced to go regularly so your nails will look great, but you’ll be forced to go…

Ultimately, it’s the best mani I’ve ever had.

Click HERE to find a salon near you that offers Shellac.


  1. I loved my gel nails too until they started to grow out… Here’s a super easy trick to disguise the growth and extend your gel nails for another week! Hope you like it!!!

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