Make Your Own Gradual Self Tanning Lotion

Gradual self tanning lotions like Jergens are my favorite kind. No streaks, seamless color, scent-free, and a rich natural looking tan especially if you get the darker formulas and use it daily for a week or so. Its subtlety is the key, too much color all at once is just a recipe for disaster. It’s not magic though, it’s all about ratio- less of the DHA (what turns you tan) and more moisture.

I like the natural self-tanning formula from Nature’s Gate, but I was getting harsh streaks from it just because I’m so damn pale. No problem, I started mixing it with a squeeze of regular body lotion (not a self tanner) and I create my very own custom gradual tanner. Essentially a watered-down version so it isn’t so intense and won’t streak as easily which is what a gradual lotion is all about. I’ve got a good ratio figured out of half lotion and half tanner so now I can just slap it on without worrying about blending or much else. It’s perfect.

If you have self-tanning lotions just hanging around unused because the color is too harsh, try out this easy DIY trick for a no-fail glow.


  1. I’m not big on self-tanner- it’ll clog your pours too easily. Skin care is huge to me and I’m constantly trying to help people find the right products for whatever it is they need. Self-tanner, especially homemade, is a no for me.

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