My VISIA Skin Analysis

The most horrifing thing I’ve ever enjoyed is probably how I’d describe getting my skin analized by MyChelle’s super fancy VISIA machine at Whole Foods today so I can see what the damage is (literally) with my skin and how I can fix it. Revealed in just seconds was the present and future damage that their line is designed to treat in a natural, but high-tech way. My fantastic beauty advisor explained the results for each of the 8 skin measurements (wrinkles, dark spots, texture, etc.) and then developed a personalized plan for me to achieve better skin based on the mapping. Dark spots and fine lines are what I’ll be tackling before returning in 10ish weeks to re-scan and see the positive changes in my skin. I’m so excited!

Let’s look at this mess I created in my 20’s by: tanning, using tanning beds, not wearing sunscreen ever, buying too-harsh skincare that was basically a step down from acetone, occasionally smoking, and generally not caring about the 35-year old me who now has to figure this thing out.

A snippet of my results. I especially like the part where my hearty Italian nose is accentuated by the drawing around it. Quick, someone get me a frame, this sucker is going above the mantle.

Look, shopping for skincare is confusing- even for me. There’s just so much out there and everyone’s skin is unique, it’s why you’re combing through my blog right now trying to get some sort of help to become less confused about it all. This is so genus, not only do you get someone to answer your questions, but you’re dealing with facts. No guessing, no buying something because your friend likes it, just facts. Here’s your skin now, come on back and let’s see how it’s better. It’s that simple.

Click HERE to find a VISIA near you to experience their FREE (!) skin analysis and bring a friend along who can help you make fun of your results. It’s more fun that way.


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