The Summer of Harper: A Few Pics of Our Sweet Baby Girl.

It must be a mom thing, I just realized that I have only a few pictures of me with my 4 month old daughter Harper. I’m usually the one running around with the camera catching her being adorable, her being adorable with daddy, the dogs being adorable, or any combination therein. I really need to work on that. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few of my favs from her first 4 months.

Our first official family photo taken on June 24th, her one month birthday. We set up our camera on a tripod and I ran back and forth a hundred times trying to get just one decent shot where I wasn’t still moving into place. The baby spit up in the middle of it all so we had a brief intermission to clean up. There’s a shot of that moment too. And now, just 3 months later I look at this sweet photo of smiling new parents and it feels like it was so very long ago. That first month, as I know now, is a total shitstorm- a hazy blur. I don’t remember much about those days like what we did or who came to visit but I do remember how scared I was holding her and how I wanted to fast forward to a time when she wouldn’t be as floppy and delicate so I could dig into the fun stuff. I slowly grew into being a confident mommy thanks to lots of nursing where we were glued together and I could just stop and really get a sense of who she was; strong, decisive, communicative, and a genuinely sweet little soul. I could see someone in her who was more dynamic than her little shell would have you believe, we just had to learn her and once we did it was like The Matrix and we became a powerful little trio.

Here we are on September 9th in our Denver Broncos finest after a much needed 7″ haircut.

And one of my favorites, her on daddy’s lap ‘catchin’ flies’ as we call it. I hear she gets this from me but I’m sure it isn’t at all adorable when I do it.

More photos and updates to come.


  1. Alexandra says:

    Your daughter is adorable. Cherish every moment they grow up so fast. My son just turned 18, i wish it had gone slower.

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