Jouer Luminizing Body Glow

After working with many faces over the years that have spent too much time in the sun, SPF is my BFF at all times. Because of that, I look like an extra from Twilight. It’s fine, I don’t often wear things that show a lot of skin but from time to time when I dare to dangle a little flesh out there I always use something to give my skin a little glow. Bronzers are fine, but sometimes look obvious and can rub off on clothes (or worse- the baby) so I’ve been using a really pretty Body Glow from Jouer. It has tiny flecks of gold and a subtle hue that gives skin a grown up glow that’s appropriate for day or night on declote, arms, and legs. Best of all is its yummy scent of gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle that’s subtle but really sexy. Check it-

A little dab goes a long way but to stretch its usage even further mix it with your favorite body oil for a glossy sheen. Over the summer I liked to use it with Hawaiian Tropic’s old school body oil so I smelled like flowers at the beach even though I was home in my sweats doing laundry. It’s the little things…

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