Dog and Babywearing

What took me so long to put Meatball in the baby carrier? After 4 1/2 months, I couldn’t resist! I wouldn’t say he hated it, but he probably wouldn’t make it his regular form of transportation.

He’ll probably stick to his beloved ride in the bottom of the stroller. What’s not to love about that?

Whoever said once you have a baby your dogs become dogs hasn’t been to our house.

Anyway- if you just use your baby carrier for ventures out of the house, you’re missing out on a calmer, happier baby. Babywearing has been done since the beginning of time but now we have carriers and slings (THIS is the sling we have) that make it so easy to relax the baby and keep while keeping your hands free to do whatever at the same time. She has never cried in our carrier (Ergobaby organic) which I hear is common. It’s like a swaddle, keeping them close to you and following the natural rhythms of your movement that they’re so familiar with from pregnancy. Give it a try- especially if your baby (or dog..) is fussy.

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