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Did I ever think I’d be blogging about diapers? No. But I just love these damn things.

A few weeks back a mainstream line of diapers we hadn’t used before gave Harper the worst rash (I won’t name the company because if they gave all babies rashes, they wouldn’t be around). I knew what was causing it right away because they were the only new thing in her routine and it happened almost instantly. A quick run to Walgreens for our usual brand and some time Googling chemical-free diapers led me back to a site I’d been to before- Honest.com. I checked out the Jessica Alba-owned company when I was pregnant while researching cloth diapers not knowing that a chemical free option even existed. Not really knowing what was in conventional diapers (and honestly, not really caring at the time) I decided that regular diapers were just fine. I was mid nursery set-up and just getting through everything that goes along with pregnancy and the preparation for a child, who needed one more thing to worry about? Just keep it simple and grab diapers at the store I decided. What does it matter?

This rash was just a reminder of what I already knew and how we already lived. We’re vegetarians, we eat organic, exercise, hell even the dogs get daily walks. I’ve also worked in as many natural based personal care products as I can into my routine. I’m not 100%, but all things being equal I’ll grab the more natural option every time. We even use coconut oil for her moisturizer and a local olive oil based diaper cream on Harper when she needs it. Why would I let the nasty things diapers are made with touch her delicate skin? We put so much thought in to how we live but we overlooked something pretty important like having our baby sit in wet plastic and god knows what else.

Honest makes everything so easy by sampling, price comparing, and offering a bundled option (what I received below after trying them first) so you get diapers delivered to your door at a bulk rate. Other than the feel of the diaper (not as plastic-y) there wasn’t much difference. They fit, absorb, wear, and look just like any other diaper but with really cute designs you can choose.

One thing I didn’t like was not being able to mix and match the amount of diapers and wipes that came in the bundle. I have so many wipes that I would’ve liked diapers only this time, but the 4 packages of wipes came anyway. Also, ordering the bundle signs you up for an automatic subscription where you’ll receive the bundle once a month. I hear you will receive a notice ahead of time so you can change (or halt) the shipment, but I’d prefer to receive just a reminder instead. Another question I had was what if I order a bundle that has 200+ diapers and she grows before I can use them all? Can I exchange the the unopened packs of diapers I have for a larger size? Some things to think about and research before you order. I couldn’t find an answer online to the outgrowth question, so I’ll email to find out.

That said, I’ll keep ordering from Honest and will try more things with every order. I like knowing that we’re making one more healthy choice for our baby.


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