Download This App: Find My Friends

Remember back in the day when you and your girlfriends would do a ‘drive’by’ to see if your dirtbag boyfriend was where he said he was going to be? The new Find My Friends app would’ve made it a lot easier. Not just for stalking, this genus (and somewhat addictive) finder can be used to track loved ones down and make sure everyone has arrived safely to their destination or is on their way out the door. You can even have push notifications sent to you when someone leaves their current location or arrives home. For those who are often out and about, you’ll love the temporary tracking feature where you can keep tabs on people you’re out with for just a select period of time (like just one night or afternoon) without them knowing your long term whereabouts.

My best girlfriend Chris and I love it because we keep pretty good tabs on each other anyway so it’s easy for her to text me and ask why I didn’t stop by when I was in her hood.

Check it out and download it HERE from


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