My Old Driver’s License Photo and the Importance of Even Brows

Since showing the world my placenta and many other unflattering pics, I decided this old drivers license photo from 8 years ago wouldn’t even be in the realm of embarrassing anymore. And really, the embarrassing stuff (relative to my new photo) has hopefully passed.

A few observations: the first being that my face was so much fatter fuller (30lbs-ish) that even my nose looks skinnier! How weird is that? Maybe (some) celebs are telling the truth when they say their noses are real when comparing past photos to now. Next, a new hair stylist taught me the value of a lowlight every now and again- bleach is a dangerous addiction. Lastly (though I could go on forever) but most importantly: brows. People, say it with me, I promise not to over-pluck and I will see a professional for some guidance. A trained Anastasia or Damone Roberts brow expert is great because they’re trained to pre-measure the brow and not remove too much. Big shout out to my brow ninja who got me all evened out, Carla Gray in Centennial who on our first appointment told me to not tweeze and come back in 3 months since there weren’t any brows left to shape.


Brows. They frame your face and make your eyes pop. Get yours evened out by a pro, the $40 or so is way worth it.

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