Best Cleanses for Detoxing

Happy New Year! I’m sure you’ll be trying, like me, to undo a little too much festive eating whether it’s dropping a few pounds or just getting back to eating in a more healthful way. Detoxing is a great way to give your system a much needed rest. When you’re eating all the time (and eating things that take a lot of effort to digest) your body is focused only on digestion and not important things like healing. Instead of doing something mindless like starving yourself or boycotting bread, check out these cleanses that focus on overall health and wellness and not just a short term fix.

A quick Google of the Clean Program yields countless celeb endorsements from Gwyneth to Demi touting its 21-day reboot to better health. I did the cleanse a few years back and plan to do it again when I’m through nursing. It’s simple as can be offering smoothies in the morning and night with a light lunch and supplements to help your body clear out toxins. The very best part is the support you get from the Clean team. In all of my years blogging and working with countless companies, the Clean team were hands down the nicest people I’ve worked with to date. They believe so strongly in Dr. Junger and Clean that they don’t just offer support by way of phone, email, and a huge online community of over 42,000 members, they love talking you through the process and giving encouragement. I thought their help was as valuable as the cleanse itself which I wouldn’t have done without expert supervision. Check out their comprehensive site or just call them and get all of your questions answered to see if it’s a good option for you.

dr junger

Juicing is a good way to fill your body with much needed phytonutrients. I loved this movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (which you can watch HERE for free). It’s so inspiring to see these two men fight to get their health back and it’s pretty amazing to see how much can change when you fill your body with good things.

fat sick and nearly dead

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