Casa Bonita

If you live in Denver (or if you watch South Park) you know about Casa Bonita, the 52,000 square foot Mexican restaurant/ cliff diving extravaganza that has been a fixture here for almost 40 years. The food is terrible but the sopapillas are amazing (they’re all I had for dinner) and everything is so dirty and glazed over with a fine mist from the water that every surface is sticky to the touch. Regardless, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before so it’s worth a pop in especially if you have kids. The big draw is the cliff diving by high school kids mostly who put on little skits while being chased around by a gorilla and then dive into the the 14 foot pool below from 30 feet above. That part is cool- for all ages actually. The other fun part is the old-time photos that you can take. We took this just a few weeks ago when our good friends were in town, he grew up here so he wanted his family to experience CB. It wasn’t easy to get 4 adults and 4 kids into heavy, slip-on-over-your-clothes costumes (that I’m certain have never been washed) then stand there and sweat under hot lights in a cramped space until roughly 8 shots are snapped. But when it’s all said and done you walk away with a hilarious picture with your friends and family that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Totally worth it.

casa bonita

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