At-Home Hair Using Radiance Colorgloss Semi-Permanent Hair Color

With the careful help of a stylist friend Carrie, I did my first DIY hair coloring. Well, it wasn’t really a coloring as much as a glossy brass-out since my blonde goes way gold sometimes within weeks of highlights. Initially I got something at Sally’s that was a no-go. Helped by some very young and very confident girl last week, I came home with a toner and a 20 volume which Carrie warned against using since it was way too strong and would’ve probably done something crazy that I didn’t understand because I don’t speak hair color. Second time was the charm.

I bought this Radiance Colorgloss Semi-Permanent Hair Color ($6) in 10 N, a neutral blonde that wouldn’t be too ashy or gold along with the developer that goes with it. It doesn’t lift, it just adds a glossy sort of ‘topcoat’ to the hair along with a hint of subtle color. I mixed equal parts of each and left it on for 20 minutes as indicated. At first I didn’t think it did anything, but then when I dried my hair I could see that my dark roots were less noticeable and looked more blended. It did cut the brass, but it deepened my base a little which Carrie said would lighten in a few washes (especially with the help of my purple shampoo.)

Since I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to this sort of thing, Colorgloss is a perfect treatment in between hair visits just to keep roots at a minimum and the brass at bay. I would try for a lighter shade next time, but the color wasn’t a deal breaker for me and I’d use it again if it’s the lightest option.




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