Crown Brush Sale

Chances are, you can use some new brushes. When’s the last time you bought a few new tools that will guarantee an easier and better looking result for your makeup application? I just bought two huge brush sets from Crown Brushes on my Hautelook app (which I use far too often) for my kit to replace a few that were falling apart. I bought 2 big brush sets with 38 total brushes for $70, a good price for everything I got since I know that brushes typically run $20 – $30 a pop.

Below you’ll see THIS 12 piece set on sale right now for $9. Buy it! You’ll be so happy you did especially since it has some smaller, more precision eye shadow brushes so you can easily stay in-bounds for a more polished look.

12 Piece Brush Set

                                            12 Piece Brush Set $9

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