What I Ate: Eating Out Edition

We’ve had such a fun, busy summer and being out means eating out so I wanted to show you some things I’ve eaten in the past few weeks while we’ve been on the go.

We met family at our local Vietnamese place Viet Pho and I had hot soup in 90° heat. It’s alway pho weather as far as I’m concerned.

We shopped and ate with friends last Saturday at the Boulder farmer’s market. The Greek stand had breakfast gyros with eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, and yummy tzatziki. It was a perfect snack. Strange fact: I hate eggs unless I’m pregnant then for some reason I can eat them.

It looks like it’s from a restaurant because it’s so pretty but the pasta dish was a special lunch Mike whipped up last week. It’s brown rice pasta with roasted red peppers, spinach, and our fave vegan sausage Field Roast.

Last Thursday we met friends for Greek at a little place called Tzatziki’s and stuffed ourselves with hummus and falafel. Harper loves falafel and had a great time trying new things. We also polished off two baskets of fries in full disclosure but they didn’t photograph as nicely.

It was all about a Mexican place in Denver called Blue Bonnet when I met high school friends for lunch last week. I could’ve eaten 3x what was on this plate but held back. I have a weakness for enchiladas.

After we took Harper to her first Colorado Rockies baseball game we stopped at Sweet Tomatoes for a quick dinner. I wish I had a salad bar at home, I’d have a huge salad like this twice a day. It’s all that chopping and prep work that drives me crazy.


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