Are At-Home Chemical Peels a Good Idea?

Tjaden: stop reading this now.

My facialist will kill me for  so much as thinking this thought. I’m an admitted over-zealous skincare fanatic who will try anything once. I’ll scrub, cleanse, exfoliate, peel, dermaroll, botox, and laser everyday of the week if I had the time and tools. (Imagine being able to DIY Botox!! Heaven..) Anyway, this melasma is really kicking my ass this pregnancy (I might post pics at some point as a ‘before’ if I have a good ‘after’ because it sucks that bad), so I’m already plotting my post-delivery skin refresh and I’m thinking about doing it myself. I need something that will really get deep down and kick out the old, damaged skin so I’m considering taking an acid and putting it on my face to burn off layers of skin without really knowing what I’m doing. It sounds crazy, but there are currently over 330 people on who say they have used this peel and not only have skin remaining on their faces, but they say their skin looks brand spankin’ new. Oddly, these reviews are good enough for me even though I can’t even find a damn website for this company! Sketchy right?

Are at-home skin peels a good idea? Should I take the plunge?

tca peel


  1. Try it! I have it and I use the high % one for stretch marks and it worked wonders! Just make sure you wipe with alcohol first to remove all the oils from your face, it will work a lot better!

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