The Pic Collage App is Helping Me Decorate My House

For whatever reason I decided to rip the house apart a few months ago. What started as a simple bathroom remodel turned into a refresh that includes renovating 3 bathrooms, new furniture in our bedroom, the living room, God only knows what in the kitchen at this point, and of course a new nursery.Did I mention a whole house paint too? Yea, and I’m 7 months pregnant. It’s literally a race right now to see what I’ll finish up first.


My addiction to all things Jeff Lewis has me wanting a more contemporary look with patterns and color. I’m sick of a brown/taupe/beige/neutral/blah house! I think designing Harper’s nursery gave me the confidence to try out some bolder colors throughout the rest of the house since that’s easily my favorite room now. The problem is, well, I’m not always good at choosing decorations and furniture. When I’ve done this in the past, I returned as many things as I kept. Colors look different in my head than in real life and sometimes I forget what’s already in the room or what I actually need or why I’m standing in the store. It’s so confusing! I’m really hoping my Pic Collage app will help me with this whole process since I’ll be able to see what I already have in the room for reference. It seems complicated but it’s not, I just take a screenshot of the things I have in the room (I use images from the company’s website but you can take photos too) then I add them to a board for each room. Just looking at everything together helped me to decide the what throw pillows to get (yay Etsy!) because I could see the patterns and colors together in the actual room. I’m hoping this will save me from trips back and forth to the store while also helping me ‘try on’ those bold colors I’d be too scared to buy.

I’ll post a complete board when I’m finished along with before and after photos of the actual room. Cross your fingers that the afters will be an actual improvement…

What I have in my actual living room so far..

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