Make Your Own Touche Éclat With LORAC Oil-Free Luminizer

Of course I love YSL’s Touche Éclat, who doesn’t? For those who don’t know- it’s a concealer that’s a cult fave among celebs and Makeup Artists alike for the radiant glow it gives the skin – it marries luminosity with coverage. That said, I’m not paying $40 a pop for their little wind-up applicator that I’d go through in a month. What I’ve been using in my kit for years is Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in White Pearl that I mix with an eye concealer which gives the exact same effect as Touche Éclat. But I’m out of the Becca shimmer. And it’s $41.

Luckily I ran out around the same time as a Hautelook sale on LORAC rolled around, so I picked up  their version for $10. It’s an oil-free luminizer in the same pearly shade as Becca’s that I’ve been mixing into concealer to use under the eyes. A huge benefit in doing this is so I can use a heavier concealer that would otherwise look chalky to get the coverage without the heavy look or weight. It has been working great- making the eyes look so much more awake and vibrant. They say you can mix it in with foundation, but I never do. Dab it along cheekbones or mix it in with body lotion or a liquid bronzer to give skin a healthy glow. It’s one of those versatile things that you end up using way more often than you’d think.

It’s still on sale now HERE at for $10 which probably means it’s being discontinued so grab one soon before the sale (and the luminizer!) are done.


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