I Love Living Proof Haircare!

Well the virdict is in for the Living Proof haircare I bought last week. I love it. I had no idea that it would make the biggest difference in my hair (which is still falling out unfortunately.) It was looking brittle and was beyond static-y to the point where I was putting it back all the time because it was so annoying. But not anymore. It looks like I just had it cut and highlighted because it’s so behaved and healthy looking.

If you have gripes about your hair, it might just be that your products aren’t doing their jobs. Check out Living Proof and prepare to ba amazed.

living proof


  1. I’ve been lucky and my hair hasn’t been falling out but 9 weeks after Imogen was born I’m still breaking out, especially on my back (gross!). I’m totally going to recommend this to my sister though. She has had some health issues and was on Prednisone for about 5 months. Now she’s tapering off it and her face is puffy, she’s gained weight and her hair is falling out… and she’s getting married on November 2nd. I feel so bad for her. Maybe this can at least help with the hair issue! Thanks for the recommendation!

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