Meet Your New Spring Fragrances: Vanilla Lemon & Vanilla Grapefruit From Lavanila

When spring hits I’m ready for a different scent. Heavy florals don’t mix well with sunshine and hot days. I can’t wait to check out the latest fragrances from LavanilaVanilla Lemon and Vanilla Grapefruit. Lavanila cuts out chemicals and uses vitamins, aminos, and both natural and organic ingredients to provide the cleanest possible fragrances (it’s all I wore when I was pregnant.) Anyway- as the name suggests their specialty is the most perfect smelling vanilla which they pair with things like coconut, blackberry (I’m wearing it now!), and now citrus. I love the smell of grapefruit. It literally makes my mouth water, it’s so crisp and fresh. The sweetness of the vanilla mixed with the tangy citrus is such a perfect, yummy combo.



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