Best Mascaras

Here are a few great mascaras to accent every pair of batting lashes.


Dior’s Diorshow is tops for high end luxe lashes. At $23 a tube, it’s the highest priced mascara on my list but well worth the splurge. You can expect no clumping and no transferring onto your under eye area- perfect for those who just wear mascara and no shadow since it’s your main focus.


I’ve received plenty of crazy looks when I whip out Cover Girl’s LashExact but this little purple tube is the real deal. It was the first drugstore brand I’ve ever loved- and I tried them all. It’s great for those who tend to clump or those who like a full lash and use more than one coat. The waterproof formula really shines, I use it on every weepy bride I see.


Tried it all and still haven’t fallen in love? Paula Dorf’s Cake Mascara might be a winner. Just dampen the included fan brush and swirl it on the cake making the right consistency, sweep the brush over your lashes root to tip and poof! Perfect, shiny, natural looking lashes. I like that you can experiment with consistency and that you can really reach the lash root making your lashes look fuller and longer.

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