Priori Cellular Recovery Serum

Cellular Recovery Serum. You really can’t tell by the name what this wonder serum does, but it kind of just does it all. It’s Priori’s booster treatment, meaning it fits in with whatever your current skincare routine happens to be. Just a few pumps will, as they say, ‘mimic DNA repair enzymes to help reverse damage done to the skin by free radicals.’

Whew. That’s a lot of science going on

Instead of trying to give you a science lesson for which I am totally under-qualified, I divvied up the serum 3 ways and gave it out to a friend and 2 clients to get their take on what it did for their skin over a period of weeks. What I heard was all positive, with one purported miracle. One client in her 50′s said that within weeks her skin looked more radiant and she used less makeup as a result. She said it gave her hope that using good skincare could make enough of an impact so she could stop using Botox. Another in her late 30′s said that her skin was much smoother and she had fewer dry patches that typically appear this time of year. But a friend in her 50′s said the stuff was a downright miracle and she could definitely see fewer wrinkles and sun spots. She loves it and says she’ll continue to use it and even explore the rest of the line.

So there you have it. Smoother, radiant, less wrinkled skin. Sounds like good stuff, too bad I gave it all away..

You can find more info on the serum HERE and search for a retailer (typically a doctor) in your area HERE.

Hydrating Serums for All Skin Types

For all skin types and those who favor natural brands:

Firming Flax Serum from New Zealand’s natural line Living Nature is wildly popular because it suits all skin types beautifully. It locks in the skin’s moisture helping dry skin to retain hydration, oily skin to keep balanced, and troubled skin to clear up with its mild astringent properties. It’s oil free, mostly organic, and so light in weight that it just melts into the skin.

For oily, slightly dry, or acne-prone skin:

Aloe-based Moisture Intensifier Serum from Lexli is a light, soothing serum that adds moisture to compromised skin. It’s especially good for those who use acne treatments and have some dryness as a result. You can also use it for your daily moisturizer if you’re afraid to use a heavier lotion or cream.

For dry or sensitive skin:

If this dry weather has your skin looking dull and lifeless, you’ll love Hyaluronic Concentrate from Sanitas. It pumps your skin full of moisture by providing a deep down boost of hydration giving your skin a more youthful appearance and your moisturizer a great head start.

Facial Cupping

Facial cupping. While it sounds like a frat house dare, it’s actually a cheap, easy, chemical-free way to fight skin sagging and puffiness. There isn’t anything terribly advanced or complicated about cupping either, just press the bulb at the top of the cup and place it along the bottom of the face creating a suction on the skin. Let go of the bulb to create suction and move the cup going upward sucking sections of the skin into the cup until you’ve done the whole face which takes only a minute or so. Cupping immediately increases circulation and also drains stagnant fluid from the face so it decreases puffiness, brings nutrition to the skin’s surface, and helps to keep sagging away by tightening up the contours of the face. Weird but it works.

My esthetician Tjaden at the Skin Studio here in Denver uses it on her clients for those very reasons, and to also help vitamins and other serums better penetrate into the skin. You can get a set of cups HERE, HERE, or a ton of other websites when you google ‘facial cupping.’ Just make sure they’re the smaller size and not the larger ones for the body.

if you want to see cupping in action (and a really sweet t-shirt with a big red fish on it) check out the vid below. If you received this via email, click HERE to watch the video.

High SPF Sunscreens for Daily Use

I’m always happy to test out a new sunscreen. I’m absolutely devoted to wearing one daily on all exposed skin, which is easier than ever thanks to improved formulas that you can barely tell are on. It’s true that the best anti-aging solution out there is a good daily sunscreen. Check out these light in weight, heavy in protection formulas and start saving your skin now.

PCA Skin Active Very Water Resistant SPF 45

PCA Skin is a professional line like Dermalogica or Skinceuticals, but slightly under the radar. Everything I’ve tried from the line I absolutely love and highly recommend especially their sunscreens. This Active SPF 45 is a runner-approved formula that doesn’t sting your eyes when you’re sweating, swimming, or living in a humid climate so it stays on the skin protecting it for hours. It’s also light and odorless so it’s a good everyday option for those (like me) who want as much SPF as possible.

Osmotics Age Prevention Protection Extreme SPF 40

Osmotics designed this elegant SPF 40 to wear under makeup so don’t expect any clumping or whitening of the skin. It blends right in and softens enough to help makeup glide over top like a primer would. It’s so light you could sneak it on over your daily moisturizer or use it as a lightweight one on its own if you’re on the oily or combination side.

La Roche Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid

You won’t find a higher SPF in a lighter formula anywhere else. Leave it to La Roche Posay, the perfecters of great sunscreens that don’t break down or leave white traces on the skin to come up with a mineral formula combined with their unique antioxidant blend to get an extra boost of vitamin protection.

Cover FX Skinprep Primer

Mixed in with this super sheer silicone-based primer are skin hydrators so it can replace the need for a morning moisturizer, or add additional hydration to thirsty skin. It’s a primer with a feel unlike most; not greasy or heavy, with a slight slip to give foundation something to hang on to leaving skin hydrated and balanced. It’s a fantastic primer for dryer skins to encourage a longer foundation wear time. At $45, Skinprep is a bit of an investment, but it’s more of a grown up primer for those whose skin isn’t automatically perfect without a little bit of help.

Murad Complete Reform

Because I have just one face, I often times pair up friends and clients with products I receive so they can give them a try and report back. It’s what I did a few months ago with Murad’s Complete Reform when I met a mother of a bride-to-be who was asking what she could use on her skin to get it ready for her daughter’s big day. She said she noticed a lack of firmness and an overall dullness that was the result of too much sun over the years and hormonal changes.  Fast forward to when I saw her last week at her daughter’s wedding, her skin was glowing as was her review of Complete Reform.

She said she could feel from the very first use that her skin felt tighter (it’s supposed to give an instant ‘lift’ on contact) and with each week she could see the contours of her face a little better and the overall texture of her skin had changed- it was also soft as glass. She was using a lightweight tinted moisturizer instead of heavy makeup and was now on her 2nd bottle.

I love it when products perform as promised! Check out Murad online, or at Sephora.