I’m really hoping the fundraising efforts via Kickstarter pan out for NailSnaps because it’s such a solid idea. Check out the video below showing how you can make custom nail art using photos from your phone using the (not yet released) NailSnaps app and support their efforts if you think it’s a cool idea that deserves a shot.

Download This App: Timehop

I can’t wait to check my Timehop everyday, an app that proves that sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones. You allow it access to your photos on your phone as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (or whatever you have and use) and every day it lists photos you took from that same date from years past. Your tweets are also included as are fun random facts about historical things that they add just in case you didn’t have anything posted for that day.

Here’s what I was doing on March 13th last year. Strange because I did this exact same thing today, but with one more baby in the stroller.


And here’s a pic I took 2 years ago, complete with local weather which is a little creepy but interesting at the same time.


Timehop! Download and enjoy!


IKEA Rast Hack for a 2 Toned Contemporary Looking Nightstand

I knew when we started designing our bedroom that I didn’t want any matching furniture. I wanted a contemporary look with personal touches even if that meant we’d have to do some work ourselves. After combing through my fave app Houzz I saw a nightstand that I loved. A few days later on Pinterest I discovered the world of ‘Rast hacks’ (Google it!) and here we are. Check out our journey in making unfinished furniture into something really special and cool for our bedroom.

This was my inspiration, an overpriced nightstand I saw on Houzz.

And here’s the $35 Rast dresser (I don’t know why they call it that, it’s barely large enough to be called a nightstand) from IKEA.

What we used. I read that BIN was the best primer for the job so it’s what I got. The middle can is a white Benjamin Moore Paint, and Danish Oil stain. The small can on top is the polyurethane that you use over the stain to seal it- not a step you want to skip.

Mike put it all together before first  which you don’t have to do but we didn’t want to knick anything up after working so hard on it.

Take the drawers out and face the fronts up so you can easily paint them.

I used tape so I wouldn’t get primer and paint all over the inside. Don’t worry about painting in there, you’ll never notice it’s unfinished.

All primed! The drawer fronts were the easy part, just one coat of primer and 2 of the white paint. I used a roller instead of a brush so I wouldn’t get brush streaks, but I ended up with small bubbles that made the surface look textured so I used a light grit sandpaper to smooth it out before the second coat and then I rolled slowly. Ask someone when you buy the paint what brush or roller would work best so you don’t get streaks or bubbles.

Here’s Mike applying the first coat of the Danish Oil. He ended up using several more coats and then a different stain in a process that ended up taking a few weeks because we couldn’t get them as dark as we wanted.

After a little Googling and a lot of help from the paint department at Home Depot, Mike bought a third stain. We ran the risk of the stain not penetrating because of over saturating so he sanded them down first before adding a Minwax stain that would end up being just perfect. We were thankful it worked and they dried in just a few days. The nightstand on the left is what we had after trying the two stains and on the right is the final color. It looks black but it’s not, it’s a rich chestnut that matches our dresser perfectly.

Here it is! I haven’t finished accessorizing them yet (I’m focusing on the nursery.)

The ring pulls were from Horton Brasses, they’re the 1 7/8 size with a satin nickel finish. Yes, pricey but you won’t find something that looks this nice at Lowe’s or Home Depot (believe me I tried!)

Another look In our room.

A few takeaways:

These Rast nightstands are much shorter and more narrow than what we’ve had in the past. Measure what you already have in your room, then measure these to see how they size up. I didn’t mind the smaller size because they force me to de-clutter.

Because they’re so small, they aren’t terribly sturdy. Consider what you’ll be putting in them and if you have small children who climb all over things. Again, we haven’t had any problems but it’s something to think about.

If you aren’t getting the right color right away, go buy another stain because layering doesn’t increase the richness of the color by much.

Try the stain on just a small area instead of the whole thing. Doing that would’ve saved us a lot of time.

I’m so glad we took a chance with this project since we aren’t DIY people. They turned out perfect and gave us the confidence to do another project for the nursery that I’m so excited to share with you soon.

The Pic Collage App is Helping Me Decorate My House

For whatever reason I decided to rip the house apart a few months ago. What started as a simple bathroom remodel turned into a refresh that includes renovating 3 bathrooms, new furniture in our bedroom, the living room, God only knows what in the kitchen at this point, and of course a new nursery.Did I mention a whole house paint too? Yea, and I’m 7 months pregnant. It’s literally a race right now to see what I’ll finish up first.


My addiction to all things Jeff Lewis has me wanting a more contemporary look with patterns and color. I’m sick of a brown/taupe/beige/neutral/blah house! I think designing Harper’s nursery gave me the confidence to try out some bolder colors throughout the rest of the house since that’s easily my favorite room now. The problem is, well, I’m not always good at choosing decorations and furniture. When I’ve done this in the past, I returned as many things as I kept. Colors look different in my head than in real life and sometimes I forget what’s already in the room or what I actually need or why I’m standing in the store. It’s so confusing! I’m really hoping my Pic Collage app will help me with this whole process since I’ll be able to see what I already have in the room for reference. It seems complicated but it’s not, I just take a screenshot of the things I have in the room (I use images from the company’s website but you can take photos too) then I add them to a board for each room. Just looking at everything together helped me to decide the what throw pillows to get (yay Etsy!) because I could see the patterns and colors together in the actual room. I’m hoping this will save me from trips back and forth to the store while also helping me ‘try on’ those bold colors I’d be too scared to buy.

I’ll post a complete board when I’m finished along with before and after photos of the actual room. Cross your fingers that the afters will be an actual improvement…

What I have in my actual living room so far..

Download This App: Houzz

If you’re remodeling, redecorating, or just looking for a little home inspiration, you have to download the Houzz app. Browse through over 800,000 photos by design style, room, or even city to check out designs from simple to extravagant. You can even use specific search terms like ‘white cabinets’ or ‘dark flooring’ if there’s something specific you’d like to see.

I use the app exclusively, but the website is just as cool and photo-filled.

Design by Urrutia Design Photo Credit:

Download This App: Find My Friends

Remember back in the day when you and your girlfriends would do a ‘drive’by’ to see if your dirtbag boyfriend was where he said he was going to be? The new Find My Friends app would’ve made it a lot easier. Not just for stalking, this genus (and somewhat addictive) finder can be used to track loved ones down and make sure everyone has arrived safely to their destination or is on their way out the door. You can even have push notifications sent to you when someone leaves their current location or arrives home. For those who are often out and about, you’ll love the temporary tracking feature where you can keep tabs on people you’re out with for just a select period of time (like just one night or afternoon) without them knowing your long term whereabouts.

My best girlfriend Chris and I love it because we keep pretty good tabs on each other anyway so it’s easy for her to text me and ask why I didn’t stop by when I was in her hood.

Check it out and download it HERE from