Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

My hair itself doesn’t get nearly as dry as my scalp does in the winter which is why I rock a Coconut Oil treatment from time to time. I love me some Coconut Oil, it’s what I normally use post-shower instead of lotion because it absorbs fast and moisturizes like crazy. It’s fantastic on your hair too for a quick treatment to perk up your strands and get the dullness out. Here’s how..

- Warm a little coconut oil so it liquefies, I just zap it for about 10 seconds in a bowl in the microwave.

- Spritz your hair so it’s damp and run a comb through it so you’re able to really work the oil in.

- Drizzle the oil onto the hair and massage it into your scalp.

- Toss a towel into the dryer just long enough for it to heat up and wrap your hair.

The oil isn’t heavy so it shampoos right out without any lasting residue. It feels like an expensive salon treatment – you’ll be addicted and want to use coconut oil on everything all the time like I do. Any kind of coconut oil will do, but the one I use is shown below.

Personal Microderm on Sale Now at

Remember my face-scraping Personal Microderm experience I wrote about HERE? Probably not, but in a nutshell I used this little handheld at-home microdermabrasion thingy without reading the directions and ‘over exfoliated my skin’ which is another way of saying ‘took most of it off.’ I still love the damn thing now that I know it means business and I’ve been without incident since.

Anyway, I just received a Groupon alert for it (now called PMD) and it’s marked waaaay down from $209 to $89 – a $120 discount! Buy it for you or a holiday gift- it’s pretty cool.

Facial Cupping

Facial cupping. While it sounds like a frat house dare, it’s actually a cheap, easy, chemical-free way to fight skin sagging and puffiness. There isn’t anything terribly advanced or complicated about cupping either, just press the bulb at the top of the cup and place it along the bottom of the face creating a suction on the skin. Let go of the bulb to create suction and move the cup going upward sucking sections of the skin into the cup until you’ve done the whole face which takes only a minute or so. Cupping immediately increases circulation and also drains stagnant fluid from the face so it decreases puffiness, brings nutrition to the skin’s surface, and helps to keep sagging away by tightening up the contours of the face. Weird but it works.

My esthetician Tjaden at the Skin Studio here in Denver uses it on her clients for those very reasons, and to also help vitamins and other serums better penetrate into the skin. You can get a set of cups HERE, HERE, or a ton of other websites when you google ‘facial cupping.’ Just make sure they’re the smaller size and not the larger ones for the body.

if you want to see cupping in action (and a really sweet t-shirt with a big red fish on it) check out the vid below. If you received this via email, click HERE to watch the video.

How to Treat Melasma and Hyperpigmentation Without Hydroquinone

Darkened skin patches caused by pregnancy or overexposure to the sun is largely responsible for giving the appearance of much older skin. Most skincare can’t put a dent in fading dark areas, you need something that’s formulated to penetrate deep and brighten like crazy. Jurlique’s Purely White collection uses ingredients meant for brightening including their exclusive super-fruit along with proven basics like licorice and black elder to fade and brighten discoloration without the use of harsh chemicals like hydroquinone.

I gave their Essence serum to a friend about a month ago who wanted to lighten her melasma after she gave birth and she has since ordered the rest of the line because her skin is looking so good. I’ll probably try it on my décolleté so I can fade the spotting I earned as a teen while hitting up the tanning beds regularly.

Jurlique Purely White

Skincare for the Hot Summer Months

When it’s hot, sticky, and humid, slathering on heavy creams is the last thing you want to do. Here are a few things you can use to get skin that’s clear and cool when the temperature rises.

Gel Cleanser: IMAN Time Control Liquid Assets Oil-Free Gel Cleanser $14

Start with a queaky clean surface right outta the gates. Using a gel cleanser instead of a cream will leave your skin feeling fresh and fully cleansed,  Iman’s gel cleanser foams up big, smells great, and even washes away makeup.

Light Weight Acne Treatments: Intraceuticals Clarity Treatment Gel $89

Heavy acne treatment creams can clump under makeup, especially when layered with sunscreens. I love the lightweight Clarity Gel from Intraceuticals. It’s an advanced formulation that calms redness and inflammation while creating an environment on the skin that’s free of bacteria and irritation. It’s a unique way to fight acne without causing the usual peeling and redness that can make skin look even worse.

Facial Masks to Dig Out Oil: Erno Laszlo Beta Mask $50

Beta Mask is my go-to when my skin starts acting up. It’s so refreshing and cool on my skin, it’s like an instant facial with results that rival a true spa treatment. It isn’t the kind of mask that you need to scrub off either, it’s easily removed with warm water. Use it weekly to rid skin of dirt and oil from sweating and being outdoors.

Back Spray: Glytone Back Spray $28

Running, yoga, and hot summer activities that leave you sweaty can lead to a back breakout – the worst kind mostly because you can’t see what’s going on. Glytone’s Back Spray really works, just spray it post-shower or pre-activity to prevent ‘bacne.’

Body Mud: Borghese Fango Brightening Mud Mask $64

I had a gift certificate to a spa once so I did this body wrap thing which was basically a body mask with hot towels wrapped around me. It was cool, but not $200 cool. I can do the same thing at home using a body mud like Borghese, the experts in at-home spa treatments. Their Brightening Mud Mask is the one I like, it deep cleans skin so well that you can see an difference in the clarity and texture of your skin right away. Perfect to slough away dullness for the time of year when you’re showing a little more skin.

Fade Dark Spots Without Hydroquinone; SkinCeuticals Phyto +

Hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun spots, whatever you call the darker areas on your face it’s just a huge bummer that makes skin appear older than it really is. I’ve been fighting with some spotting on my forehead and chest for a while now (thanks to irresponsible tanning bed use in my teens and early 20′s) and this stuff has really put a noticeable dent in my dark splotches.

Phyto + uses old faithful Kojic Acid along with a few other skin lightening stars to gently fade away discolored skin without the use of hydroquinone. It’s also a great lightweight hydrator for sensitive skin since it’s botanically based and light as air.

I haven’t tried anything from SkinCeuticals over the years that I haven’t loved. My facialist noticed a lightening after I used Phyto + for just 3 weeks on my dark spotting that’s 10+ years old. Sure it’s a little pricey ($78) but it works.

SkinCeuticals Phyto +