Relief for Dry, Calloused Feet; Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream

First, let me apologize for making you look at man feet. Marathon running man feet at that. It’s my game-for-anything hubby’s feet that I recently rubbed some of Glytone’s Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream on to see if it could make a dent in the callouses that he builds up by pounding miles of pavement.

I rubbed this rich, almost 30% Glycolic Acid based cream onto his right foot and left it on for 15 minutes before washing it off. It’s not a stay-on cream, it’s a treatment.

Sorry about the close up, but it does show how well it softened his dry, rough skin. It looks so much better (?), less dry and cracked. Click to enlarge if you dare…

Your feet can not be this bad, but if they are this cream will help soften up rough callouses in minutes without scraping and scrubbing. It’s pretty amazing stuff that I’ll use every so often for my at-home pedicures.

Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream

Review: Personal MicroDerm

I was sent a Personal Microderm kit just a few days before Christmas and was so excited that I used it seconds after I tore it open. I love the results Microdermabrasion can bring and since I’ve been breaking out more than usual lately, a little skin refinement was just what I needed. Instead of reading the instructions which would have encouraged me to use the least abrasive disk for my first use and only make one pass along the skin, I grabbed the coarsest disk (the red ones, luckily not included in the typical starter kit) and went back and forth over and over until my skin was rubbed away. This wasn’t one of my best ideas I’ve had (though probably not among my worst.) I’m surprised my family could eat Christmas dinner sitting across from my wounded, scratched up, ointment-coated face. Oddly, my first reaction was ‘I love this thing.’

So why do I love it? Because it works that well. Incredibly well. Professionally well.

Had I actually read the instructions (or watched the video) I would’ve learned that this thing delivers an unexpectedly professional result that’s to be taken seriously. It does include disks for your first few stages of use to help your skin tolerate the treatments without any irritation so you can build up to more aggressive treatments that break down and sweep away that sluggish top layer of dead skin. After just a few treatments your moisturizer and serums will start penetrate more deeply (so they’ll work better), and your fine lines, brown spots, and acne scaring will fade. You’ll also have a softness and glow to your skin that’s visible.

The kit runs $170 and will pay for itself in just a few uses, typical microderm sessions usually run about $100-$150 a pop. I’m sensing this isn’t one of those things that I’ll be into for a little while then let it collect dust, it’s a treatment I know I’ll use over and over – especially now that I actually understand how to use it while keeping the skin on my face in tact.

Personal MicroDerm

At-Home Peels for Better Skin

I got a peel done once from a professional, it was $150 and didn’t do anything. Soon after that I began dabbling in the wonders of at-home DIY peels to slough off the top layer of skin when I’m starting to look dull and sluggish. What better time than fall to revive the skin that the sun damaged while you were basking in it all summer long. Here are a few peels I’ve tried that are sure to get your skin back to a brighter state.

I’m a huge fan of Glycolic acid, I’ve used it daily in various forms for years because of its ability to turnover skin without making you as sun-sensitive as its rivals. I love Glytone, they have a full collection of effective skin care for face and body that works like crazy to improve all sorts of skin problems while maintaining the skin’s ph so the irritation is minimal. You can use a thin layer of Mini Peel Gel up to a few times a week for 10 minutes to see brighter, clearer, tighter skin almost immediately without redness, irritation, or downtime. It’s a perfect compliment to your current regimen.

Your skin will look like it has just taken a deep breath of fresh air when you use The Oxygen Peel. Philosophy uses an oxygen foam to infuse the skin and give it an instant noticeable radiance. It’s the perfect treat pre-event or for when you haven’t been getting enough rest and your skin can tell the tale. 

Cane + Austin have simplified their line into two jars, one meant for skin with acne and the other for wrinkling and pigmentation issues. These glycolic-soaked Treatment Pads work as a daily retexturizer  to help peel back the layers of wrinkled, uneven skin to reveal a brighter look. It’s a gentle, daily way to ease into better skin over time.

You don’t have to completely desecrate your skin to get some positive changes, at-home peels like these are genus because you can get some great results while keeping your skin in tact.

Silk’n SensEpil for Permanent Hair Removal

I read somewhere that women will spend over $10,000 and two months removing hair from their bodies over the course of their lives. All women agree that shaving is a total hassle, and none of us enjoy doing it, but letting body hair grow into its natural state á la Mo’Nique isn’t (for me anyway) an option.

You can opt to have hair removed via laser treatment at a medi-spa where it would probably run you close to $1,000, or you could use a SensEpil and do it yourself for a lot less. Silk’n SensEpil uses an FDA cleared laser hair removal technology to create a safe, easy-to-use home system so you can conveniently remove unwanted hair in your own home.

You’ll see a big difference in the amount of hair re-growth after the second treatment (each treatment should be done 2 weeks apart), but after the 4th time is when it really kicks in so you might be able to toss out your razor. Since it’s all yours, you can use it from time to time after your initial treatments if you need to (because of hormonal changes etc.), but the results are permanent.

So let’s talk price. It’s $500 which is half the average amount you’d pay if you had it done in a spa, but it’s still $500. I’d recommend going in on it with a friend or two and sharing. Either trade off custody of the machine, or have a bi-monthly lunch and laser party where you can all take turns using it which would also serve as a good reminder of when it’s time for another treatment (not to mention a good excuse to get together).

All said, it’s a good deal and a decidedly impressive way to permanently remove hair. I’ve noticed a big improvement in just a few treatments and the reviews I’ve read are largely positive. Do some checking and see if it would work on you but remember, as with any laser hair removal, it doesn’t work on darker skin tones because the laser works by ‘seeing’ a difference in color between the hair and the skin.

You’ll find more information on Silk’n SensEpil HERE

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DIY Foaming Brown Sugar Scrub

Although I know that buying a sugar scrub is comparable to buying bottled water (you already have it, why pay 1000x more?), I’ll still spring for the occasional store scrub now and again. It’s usually the scent that draws me in, but I’m always left wondering why I didn’t make it myself. Recently I made a big batch of foaming scrub for client gifts which reminded me how easy the process is and how just a few minutes can save some cash.

There are several variations to what you can use, but I used granulated sugar, olive oil, Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Soap, brown sugar, a dash of almond extract (just for the scent, you can add essential oils too), and a little honey.

I used my own precise measuring system which goes like this; dump a bunch of brown sugar into a bowl, add some white sugar, mix in several glugs of oil until it’s easier to stir, then splash in some soap. I’m not big into measuring as you tell- just more stuff to wash.

Mix it all together with a spoon until you get the consistency you want, I like it a little runny and not so firm.

I got these little plastic jars at Michael’s which are just the perfect size for little gifts.

I dropped them in little white paper bags and tied them up using ribbon with my business card and recipe attached,

Here’s what the recipe looked like.

I’m not an artsy-crafty sort of girl so if I can do something like this, you can too. This might be my new thing for gifts too since I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a sugar scrub. Good luck!

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Best Combo to Cure Dry Winter Feet: Pevonia Silky Foot Peel & Caudalîe Foot Beauty Cream

In the winter, regular pedicures aren’t even on the radar. When our feet are hidden under socks and boots, it’s hard to even remember they’re in there. While I’m guilty of forgoing regular winter foot maintenance, I’ve found two products to help me fake that just-back-from-a-pedi softness. Pevonia’s Silky foot Peel combines manual exfoliation (bits of pumice), with a chemical one (salicylic acid) to break down dry, hardened skin so it’s easily peeled away. Just rub a dime sized amount completely into your dry soles until the hardened skin begins to roll and fall away. It’s an instant pedicure that takes just a few minutes but the results last several weeks, especially when you use Caudalie’s Foot Beauty Cream daily.

I’ve never been one who believes each body part needs a cosmetic mate (eye cream is good for those who need it, otherwise using your moisturizer will probably do), I always had the same belief for foot cream. Why wouldn’t I just extend my regular body lotion south to soften my feet? Caudalie’s Foot Beauty Cream is different from a typical body cream and my feet can testify to that fact. Their special micro-beads that mattify the skin without the use of powder was my favorite thing about the cream before I knew what it was. Your feet feel silky soft but aren’t greasy to strike the perfect moisture balance so your feet are comfortable and not sliding around in your shoes. Used daily, I can go about a month before using the Silky Foot Peel because it softens well enough to keep calluses away.

It’s a routine you’ll actually love doing that gives big results.