Our Facebook Birth Announcment

Because most ultrasound pictures are just boring grey blobs, I wanted to spice up our recent Facebook announcement for the arrival of our daughter this fall (yay!) I was inspired by a PInterest photo (of course) that I put our own little spin on. Playing on the blue/pink boy/girl theme, I used Mike’s blue running shoes, my pink Manolos that I wear far too infrequently, Harper’s Converse, and a pair of her baby shoes that she outgrew many months ago. I think it turned out pretty cute. What a fun way to celebrate our growing family!


Harper is 8 Months Old

Happy 8 month birthday to our little Harper. This past month she has learned to give kisses and hugs, sit (mostly) on her own, eat wonderful things I make her like quinoa and veggies, and interact really well with her surroundings. She’s happier playing with people over any sort of toy. She’ll still fight a nap every now and again, which is fine. She’s actually asleep in my arms right now because she keeps waking up when I set her in her crib. We’ve logged quite a few hours in this rocker of hers.

She’s our little buddy who goes everywhere with us and a total and complete joy.

Happy 8 months sweet Harper!!


This Week in Pictures and MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Finish Powder Foundation

My week in a nutshell:

Mike gave me flowers for no reason.


Lance said a bunch of unsurprising things to Oprah.


The baby made wee little stand-ups with some help from daddy.


I captured just the perfect pic of Harper mid breakfast. She sure loves her meal times.

And I got my hair done. Very important stuff when you don’t go as often as you should/ did.

We took just the sweetest pic of Harper at the aquarium in an old diving suit. I swear she poses for pictures now.

And I found a power foundation that trumps all.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation was a pleasant surprise. It’s what mineral makeup and MAC Studio Fix want to be but fall short. It’s perfect coverage without a chalky finish – a powder that thinks like a cream. For me, it has been the easiest, quickest way to get perfect looking skin with the sweep of a brush (you can also use it wet with the included sponge.) It’s so good, I can’t wait to order a palette for my kit to finish faces. It has replaced a years-long run I had using Jane Iredale’s mineral powder foundation. Pro Finish disappears into my skin making it look so much better using just a little bit. I had a laser treatment today that left my skin scorching red after, but Pro Finish easily disguised the redness so well and without any irritation at all. If you’re looking for quick, complete coverage check it out next time you’re at Sephora and let me know what you think!

Harper at 7 1/2 Months

I think I’ve found the perfect age for babies: 7-9 months. Little Harper is almost 8 months now (!) and couldn’t be any cuter. Here’s a video of her newest thing where she breathes in and out of her nose really fast like a raging bull, we call it ‘Fightin’ Mad.’ The more she does it, the more we laugh, then of course she does it even more. She also perfected this fake half-hearted cough to get us to look at her then laughs when we do. She’s so smart and interactive. Every day I can’t wait until tomorrow to see what new things she has in store!

Happy Harper Days!

Merry Christmas to you all! Today was little Harper’s 7 month birthday. We spent the day with family who gushed over this loved little girl. We’ll host more family tomorrow. I hope your holidays are full of love too.


Tennessee Valley Beach on Thanksgiving

We got the chance to get away for Thanksgiving this year and visit my best friend and his family out in the bay area. It was perfect; no stress, easygoing, and a gorgeous Thanksgiving afternoon hike where Harper saw the ocean for the first time at Tennessee Valley Beach.

Getting there was tricky because it’s a few miles in from where you park. At first it’s a paved path so it’s no problem. Here’s Kevin with 2 of his three adorable kids in the Bob (a jogging stroller that would’ve come in really handy for us), and Mike pushing little Harper.

Then the paved road quickly turns into wet gravel which is what it was for the majority of time time. We would’ve brought the Bjorn had we known, but we made it just fine. As you can imagine, Harper found it hard to nap with the extreme stroller turbulence so she was wide awake the whole time. We all chatted, threw the football around to Parker, and I caught up with Kevin’s parents who and I miss terribly since their move from Colorado years ago- that’s me walking with them and Kevin.

After a while on our windy path, our view became untangled and you could see the water. The day was beautiful and the area was packed. It seemed the everyone wanted to go for a pre-dinner hike to the beach.

Picture time! As usual we took turns kissing sweet Harper’s round cheeks. We certainly don’t need a camera for this, we pretty much do it all day long.

Dad’s turn! I love this face she’s making- it’s like a ‘WTF’ meets ‘I’m cold.’

She was getting a little chilly but was still up for a few more shots. When we got back and saw this picture I laughed because it’s like she was posing and smiling right along with us. She’s just so fun.

When we lived in the bay area (Walnut Creek) 9 years ago, we weren’t there long enough to explore little places like this so we were happy to see it. We had such a great time, we might have a new Thanksgiving tradition!