I’m a Johnson & Johnson Baby CARES Council Member

When Johnson’s Baby reached out asking if I’d be interested in becoming a Baby CARES Council member, I”ll admit that I had mixed feelings. Over the years, I’ve read some things about J&J that have caused me to be cautious about using the brand on my daughter. Over the past year though, my feelings have started to change about Johnson’s because of their transparency and also commitment to reformulate most of their line to include the safest ingredients possible for their products (including Aveeno, Neutrogena, and Clean & Clear.) It’s a huge move and one that impressed the Environmental Working Group’s president who said “We’ve never really seen a major personal care product company take the kind of move that they’re taking with this.” This, coupled with their huge commitment to giving back through various charitable organizations like Save the Children where Johnson’s Baby recently funded them with $150,000 to support the healthy development of moms and babies as well as donating thousands of Johnson’s ‘Care Kits’ filled with Johnson’s basics that are handed out to families during natural disasters and other times of need.

As a member of their CARES Council, I’ll have access to their product line to review as I see fit (products are provided, but as usual I give honest feedback on those I like best.) I can also talk directly with their chemists who formulate the products- something I’m really excited about and will take advantage of here very soon and report back on what I’ve learned. In the meantime, I received a few things from Johnson’s to check out, and here are my thoughts on the ones that I’ve been using most.


I didn’t even realize Johnson’s had a natural line. I’ve been using their Natural Baby Shampoo on my daughter and myself for weeks now. It’s 98% naturally sourced and uses vegetable, coconut, and sunflower oils to gently clean the hair. I also like using a mild shampoo daily to keep my color fresh- especially in Colorado where the sun and hard water chase my blonde away sooner than I’d like. There hasn’t been any burning or stinging to my daughter’s eyes and the subtle scent is a welcome change to the usual overly-perfumed kid’s products out there. For years I’ve used baby shampoo to remove eye makeup and this one works wonders for that too. Just dampen a flat cotton round with water and add just a small drop of this shampoo and massage it on the eyes to remove stubborn mascara and liner that cleansers can miss. Since it’s a no-tear formula it won’t burn or sting the eyes the way so many facial cleansers can. A gentle shampoo like this has so many great uses.

johnson's natural baby shampoo

I’m a sucker for the smell of cocoa butter so I knew I’d like their Baby Oil Gel with Shea and Cocoa Butter. My skin has been so dry lately from this heat that mid-day I’m already scaley. I also religiously keep moisture on my belly when I’m pregnant (5 1/2 months now!) so I’ve been using this gel post-shower before I even towel off to lock in moisture. I also give another generous amount to my belly alone once I’m dry under my BeBand so the moisture doesn’t rub away and get on my clothes. It has made a big difference in my skin’s softness and a little goes a long way.

JOHNSON'S® Baby Oil Gel with Shea and Cocoa Butter

I’ll have more reviews of the line in the coming weeks along with a Q&A I’ll prepare for their chemists. If you have a question you think I should ask them, tweet me @HookedOnBeauty.

What’s Dry Brushing and Why Do It?

I love when I read stuff like this, celebrities totally validating my random, often late night purchases of things I’m not sure I need or will ever use- like my new dry brush. It kinda looks like a fancy toilet brush with bristles that feel as prickly as they look. It’s made of all natural palm fiber that you use pre-shower on dry skin to scrub away dead skin and stimulate the lymph system which keeps it draining properly. That drainage and movement is what people swear helps with cellulite, but I know for sure it eliminates those red behind the arm bumps and makes skin so soft clear. I could tell a difference after the first time I used it.

Stacey Keibler says she loves dry (or ‘lymphatic’ as she calls it) brushing and can see a big difference in her skin after using it only a short while. (She also talks about the Clean Program btw of which I am also a huge fan.)

Below is the $8 brush I got HERE at Amazon.com. Be warned, it does hurt a bit before you get used to it so ease in and use it lightly at first. After a few days I was used to the sensation of a million prickly scratches all over me, but I do it for the results and not a warm fuzzy feeling.

Dry Brush

eos Vanilla Bliss Shave Cream

I just picked up this Vanilla Bliss scented Shave Cream from eos last week at Walgreens and I’m totally addicted. I wanted something natural to help smooth up my shave that wasn’t in an aerosol can and this was my best option. It’s awesome. Thick and creamy with the most addictive vanilla scent that I wish was available in a spray fragrance. I’ve been nick and razor burn free since I’ve been using it- I forgot what a huge difference a good shave cream makes.



The Best Natural Deodorant: Bubble & Bee Pit Putty

The Whole Foods closest to me doesn’t carry Bubble & Bee’s Pit Putty, the natural deodorant I’ve been using for years now, so I lazily began trading off between a few sticks I had laying around- an Arm & Hammer and a Dove. I was surprised to find that neither worked on me when I thought that mainstream sticks were stronger than anything Whole Foods yields. Again, back to my home Whole Foods where I picked up THIS new Kiss My Face solid that boasts on the label its clinically proven effectiveness. Not for me. I felt like I was rolling on stink. I smelled worse when I used it for whatever reason. So my last Whole Foods trip was to the store a little farther down the road just for this damn deodorant.

But it works. And smelling nice is a good thing.

L’Occitane Beautiful Shape Almond Scrub

You should be exfoliating, both your face and body. Buffing away dull, old skin is the best way to get a glowing complexion. I’m a big fan of anything almond scented but a bigger fan of a shower scrub that’s not in a big messy tub. I’ve been using Almond Beautiful Shape scrub from L’Occitane scrub to shave my legs for a few weeks now and my skin feels so smooth I can often skip post-shower lotion. It’s designed to reduce the look of cellulite create micro-exfoliation to firm the skin while the almond proteins reduce dimpling making it perfect for summer when you’re showing a little more leg. Skin benefits aside, its scent, texture, and tube makes it one of the easiest to use and best exfoliants I’ve tried in a while.

Safe Skincare For Babies

When it came time to choose skincare for my yet to be born daughter, I knew I wouldn’t be reaching for the typical J&J, (you can see what’s in their original formula Baby Lotion HERE.) I knew the formulas I chose would be clean, safe, and effective so after some research here’s the skincare we’ll be using on our baby girl.

Mustela Cold Cream

Cosmetics Database Rating: 5 See HERE

The product that’s linked to the database score is for the stick formulation, this is the cream one that I’m using but the ingredients are almost identical. I think the 5 score is because of the addition of fragrance but it’s a French line which means their fragrances aren’t sourced the same as ours and tend to be much safer.. This has been the only cream I’ve used on my growing belly that has stopped the insane itching. It locks in moisture using beeswax and natural fatty acids leaving a mild slip behind for hours with only the tiniest amount needed. Its dry skin formulation can also be used on red or irritated skin to calm and soothe.

Weleda Calendula Baby Cream

Cosmetics Database Rating: 5 See HERE

Again, pesky fragrance is to blame for the misleading 5 score, but I’m comfortable knowing that it’s safely sourced without chemical compounds. We’re big Weleda fans in our house so we knew their baby line would be a good fit for what we wanted. It’s rich in Almond Oil, Beeswax, and calming Calendula. I’ve heard for years how people use this formula to get rid of chicken skin on the backs of their arms because it’s so moisturizing and healing. It’s also rich and really creamy so just a little bit goes a really long way.

Olive Remedy Natural Diaper Cream

Cosmetics Database Rating: Unknown

A basket of goodies from this made in Colorado line was a gift from friends and it has me totally obsessed. It’s formulated by a pharmacist dad of three who was desperate to cure his children’s constant diaper rash. The line is outstanding- their Body Butter is the best I’ve ever used, a creamy solid that quickly melts into a rich oil upon skin contact for maximum absorption. I can’t obviously speak to the effectiveness of the rash cream yet, but the ingredients are the cleanest I’ve found (olive oil, grape seed oil, zinc, beeswax, jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, vitamin e, shea butter, palm oil, and almond oil) with a high 21% zinc to fight off skin irritations. If it’s as good as the rest of the line, I’ll be happy.

Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Baby-Mild Castile Soap

Cosmetics Database Rating: 1 See HERE

This and a foamer are all you need to clean just about everything. We ditched the Dial long ago and found that Dr. Bronner’s used as an everyday hand soap makes the biggest difference in the softness of your skin. I’ve gotten everyone hooked on this wash for their hair, skin, hands, dogs, kids, and whatever else needs mild cleansing. It’s ultra concentrated and the best castile soap you’ll find. Their unscented baby formula is what we’ll use for our little one’s bath time.