Makeup Before and After; Uneven Skin & Airbrush Makeup

I never remember to bring my camera when I’m working. On the few occasions I do actually remember it I often forget to take a ‘before’ so the ‘after’ photo doesn’t really matter. I’m working though, what can I say?

This is an adorable bridesmaid from a wedding I worked last weekend. She’s a mom and wanted a little sizzle to bring out her gorgeous blue eyes. She also had some concerns about her uneven skin from periodic breakouts.

I used Dinair airbrush makeup on her skin, cheeks, and eyes using lt. Smoke (one of my favorite colors ever) for her ‘basecoat’ eye shadow. I built traditional (powder) shadow over top of the airbrush one to create a longer lasting look that doesn’t crease. Of course I used my good ol Ardell #110′s for her lash. You can see how they add length and drama to her eyes without looking over the top, they’re so perfect. Since her eyes carried most of the look, I did just a little liner with a pink CARGO gloss on her lips to bring it all together.

Girls always ask me if they can (or should) buy an airbrush system and the answer is yes. This kit from Dinair is meant for personal daily use because it’s so compact and easy to use. If your skin tends to be uneven and you’re doing the whole foundation, concealer, and powder thing everyday, you might want to consider one. Just a few drops into the cup is all you need for flawless skin and water-resistant coverage that wears beautifully all day long.

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Cassel Superstar. Makeup Before and After.

Just because I love my friends, I’m totally their on-call Makeup Artist. If they have an event (or in this case a reality show…) I’m there with brush in hand.

Today, I got to spend some time with my good friend Cassel. She was nice enough to offer up a before photo so you can really see what I did in the after.

See Cassel, you look great without makeup.

All done! 

For the most part, I’ve included all the makeup I used on her in the slideshow below. I used a few things that I really like from the brand new Hybrid line by Murad that combines skin care sensibility with cosmetics that are made to solve problems.

Not pictured is the Aqua Black Waterproof Shadow from MAKE UP FOR EVER that I used to line the hell out of her eyes to give her a sexy look that made her eyes pop. Also not shown is what I used for her foundation since it was Graftobian Glamaire makeup designed for airbrush use only so she could have coverage without weight since it was a million degrees in Denver today – I didn’t want her melting.

Wow, we look really serious. I promise we weren’t.

Thanks for allowing a camera in your naked face, Cassel! It’s the price you pay for your own personal on-call Makeup Artist who also just happens to be a Beauty Editor.

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What Tattoo? Cover it With Cover FX

Maybe you weren’t thinking of your wedding day when you got that tattoo, but here it is and here you are, all dressed in white with a tattoo that looks out of place against the backdrop of the dress and the day itself. Covering tattoos on brides for their wedding is something I do a lot so having something on hand to make it easy to do saves me time and makes my job a lot easier.

Cover FX skyrocketed in popularity when it was used on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith to cover Angelina Jolie’s tattoos. Their Cover FX Cream Foundation (pictured below) is the  heavy-hitting tattoo cover specialist. Their site shows you what you need to cover not just tattoos, but vitiligo, birthmarks, eczema, and other skin discoloration issues.

I enlisted a volunteer so I could see for myself exactly how well it covers. I used their Foundation under the Cover FX Cream and set it with a little powder.


Although the color wasn’t a spot on match to her skin, you can see that the coverage is considerable enough to disguise the tattoo. Remember to set the creme with a powder for a long-wearing finish that won’t rub off.

Cover FX

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