BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance Chair, the Only Baby Chair You’ll Need.

As you can imagine, we have a lot of swings, bouncey seats, and jumparoos around here. Harper has more places to sit in this house than I do. I wish we would’ve known ahead of time that the only chair we really needed was the Babysitter Balance from BabyBjorn.

A good friend with 3 kids sent it over as a gift when Harper was born. I’d never seen one before so I didn’t fully understand its magic, but when she told me it made taking a shower and doing things around the house possible, I knew it would get some good use. Because of it’s fuss-free design, it’s good for her to interact with us while fidgeting with a toy or nothing at all. It’s not a ‘bouncy’ chair per se, but the design does allow for movement when she moves kicks and wiggles but nothing too wild. I think most note worthy for us is how it helped us BIG TIME with her reflux which was terrible from birth up until very recently. When we sat her in the chair post-feedings we could tell a big difference in her spitting up, so we made it a regular habit to hold her up for a while after eating  then put her in the chair to let her meal settle a little bit more.

And speaking of spit up, the durable fabric that makes up the chair is so easy to clean. Its simple frame is a metal loop that you pull the fabric off of when you want to toss it in the washer. We’ve been able to get everything out of it too so it’s stain and spot-free.

Another huge (but unintended) plus is how Harper has retained her rounded head which we get remarks about all the time. I think it’s because she’s resting her head on the chair’s soft fabric and not a hard surface.

We put it in there so much that we joke about how she’ll never learn to crawl or walk and how we’d have to carry her to college. I’m so glad that it can grow with Harper and be used until she’s 30 pounds because she loves it so much. Click HERE to check it out on their site and to find which stores near you carry it. And click HERE to see Harper sitting in the chair in her ‘say mom’ video.

I Still Love CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion

Still using it, still loving it.

I’m asked above all else which mascara I use, partly because of my long Latisse lashes, but also because of how well I can layer CoverGirl’s LashBlast Fusion mascara to build a really full, clump-free lash that gets tons of compliments. Of all the mascaras I try, this one is still my favorite and a great value at just $9.

Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012

Did you know that Oprah did a favorite things this year? I just found out so now I’m combing through looking for what I suddenly need have to have (the oil can looks really cool), you can check out the list on her site HERE and look for a TV special coming up this week on OWN.

Highlights include:

Oil Can for the kitchen.

Eau La La Fragrance by Edward Bess, made just for Oprah available now to us little people.

Lancer Skincare, a doctor produced line that blew up after it was featured on an anti-aging Oprah show.

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water

I get confused looks when I answer the question that most of my clients want answered: What’s my very favorite foundation that I carry in my kit because the cult following of Koh Gen Do’s Maifanshi Moisture Foundation hasn’t quite trickled down to the masses. It’s a well-loved staple though for Makeup Artists and their celeb clientele as is their Cleansing Spa Water, something I’ve wanted to try since I saw it in practically every Makeup Artist’s kit backstage at New York’s Fashion Week. Typically, I carry baby wipes to clean client’s faces because it’s so quick and easy, but I needed something to remove stubborn waterproof mascara without burning or stinging the eyes so I couldn’t wait to try another solution out.

Maifanshi Moisture Foundation

It’s a totally unassuming looking liquid; crystal clear and completely unscented, but it’s a soapless, mineral-rich cleanser that gets skin sparkling in just a few wipes. It comes with special cotton pads that you saturate and use to gently work off makeup or to give skin a refreshing once over in the morning. No need to rinse after or even tone because your skin will feel perfectly balanced and so soft.

Cleansing Spa Water

I’m loving this ease and effectiveness of the water- not to mention how much space it saves in my kit. It’s one of those things that I’ll actually order and use again and again.

Bite Beauty: The Best in Lip Color

It’s not often I deem something to be the ‘best,’ with a vast beauty landscape and differeing tastes my best may not be the same as yours. But you’d be hard pressed to find better lip color than what Bite Beauty has to offer.

I’ve tried their scrub, primer, lipstick, gloss, and tint and each one blew me away. You almost forget that their formulations are natural because the modern packaging and professional performance could take on any artistry line that graces Sephora’s busy shelves. Their Primer absolutely keeps color on longer and diverts feathering while smoothing using argan and other natural conditioners. It’s the perfect first step for those who love their lip color.

For just a hint of color with a lip balm feel, check out their Lush Lip Tint. It’s like lipcolor for the lipcolor-phobic, it’s a just-right amount of pigment with a big dose of moisture that I’ve been using way more than my trusty lip balm. The outside color portion is rich with vitamins, fruit butters, and argan while the ‘B’ in the center contains super antioxidant Resveritrol to protect that delicate skin from environmental damage.

Not to mention all formulations are free of parabems, GMO’s, and synthetics.

Next time you’re looking for a lipcolor, you have to check out Bite, a line I promise you’ll love.

CEW 2012 Beauty Awards Winners

This year’s CEW Beauty Awards winners have been announced! You may not have heard of the CEW, but their beauty awards are like the Oscars for beauty products tested by experts in the industry to find the most innovative products on the market. Check out the Today Show video below where you’ll see a few of the winners and click HERE to see the full list.

Beware, watching it may leave you wanting to buy THIS anti-aging line from Shiseido. It’s crazy expensive, I wonder how well it works?

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