Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012

Did you know that Oprah did a favorite things this year? I just found out so now I’m combing through looking for what I suddenly need have to have (the oil can looks really cool), you can check out the list on her site HERE and look for a TV special coming up this week on OWN.

Highlights include:

Oil Can for the kitchen.

Eau La La Fragrance by Edward Bess, made just for Oprah available now to us little people.

Lancer Skincare, a doctor produced line that blew up after it was featured on an anti-aging Oprah show.

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water

I get confused looks when I answer the question that most of my clients want answered: What’s my very favorite foundation that I carry in my kit because the cult following of Koh Gen Do’s Maifanshi Moisture Foundation hasn’t quite trickled down to the masses. It’s a well-loved staple though for Makeup Artists and their celeb clientele as is their Cleansing Spa Water, something I’ve wanted to try since I saw it in practically every Makeup Artist’s kit backstage at New York’s Fashion Week. Typically, I carry baby wipes to clean client’s faces because it’s so quick and easy, but I needed something to remove stubborn waterproof mascara without burning or stinging the eyes so I couldn’t wait to try another solution out.

Maifanshi Moisture Foundation

It’s a totally unassuming looking liquid; crystal clear and completely unscented, but it’s a soapless, mineral-rich cleanser that gets skin sparkling in just a few wipes. It comes with special cotton pads that you saturate and use to gently work off makeup or to give skin a refreshing once over in the morning. No need to rinse after or even tone because your skin will feel perfectly balanced and so soft.

Cleansing Spa Water

I’m loving this ease and effectiveness of the water- not to mention how much space it saves in my kit. It’s one of those things that I’ll actually order and use again and again.

Bite Beauty: The Best in Lip Color

It’s not often I deem something to be the ‘best,’ with a vast beauty landscape and differeing tastes my best may not be the same as yours. But you’d be hard pressed to find better lip color than what Bite Beauty has to offer.

I’ve tried their scrub, primer, lipstick, gloss, and tint and each one blew me away. You almost forget that their formulations are natural because the modern packaging and professional performance could take on any artistry line that graces Sephora’s busy shelves. Their Primer absolutely keeps color on longer and diverts feathering while smoothing using argan and other natural conditioners. It’s the perfect first step for those who love their lip color.

For just a hint of color with a lip balm feel, check out their Lush Lip Tint. It’s like lipcolor for the lipcolor-phobic, it’s a just-right amount of pigment with a big dose of moisture that I’ve been using way more than my trusty lip balm. The outside color portion is rich with vitamins, fruit butters, and argan while the ‘B’ in the center contains super antioxidant Resveritrol to protect that delicate skin from environmental damage.

Not to mention all formulations are free of parabems, GMO’s, and synthetics.

Next time you’re looking for a lipcolor, you have to check out Bite, a line I promise you’ll love.

CEW 2012 Beauty Awards Winners

This year’s CEW Beauty Awards winners have been announced! You may not have heard of the CEW, but their beauty awards are like the Oscars for beauty products tested by experts in the industry to find the most innovative products on the market. Check out the Today Show video below where you’ll see a few of the winners and click HERE to see the full list.

Beware, watching it may leave you wanting to buy THIS anti-aging line from Shiseido. It’s crazy expensive, I wonder how well it works?

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Best For Removing Makeup Stains on Clothes

Even though I try to wear something dark when I work, I inevitably end up with makeup all over me. It’s what happens when I use my hands and arms as palettes to warm things up on my skin before applying them to faces. I’m obsessed with Stain Devils stain removers, I have most of them but none are more used than the one I have for Mud, Grass, and Makeup. It’s the only thing I’ve found to totally erase creamy long-wearing formulas from clothes without bleaching or ruining the fabric. Totally worth it to have around especially for the $3 price tag.

Ardell: The Best False Lashes

Have I mentioned before that every client I see gets a false lash? A full strip usually, and it’s always Ardell. Over the years I’ve tried a bunch of different brands, and even had a few years where ModLash 53′s were my go-to but that’s only because I hadn’t discovered how well Ardell’s stay on and how perfect they look. What really sold me was when I was working in in Mexico and used them on a bride for her rehearsal dinner/ pool party who swam wearing Ardell lashes for hours. When she finally jumped out she ran over to show me how the lashes were still on and in perfect condition. I was even impressed.

I think it’s the combination of their adhesive, thin and flexible band, and overall snug fit to the lash line that keep them in place and comfortable (which is key) for as long as you’d like them on. I’ve had several brides tell me that they wore them past the wedding and into the first few days of their honeymoon!

Here are the three I use most:

Ardell 110 are the ones I use 90% of the time. They look the most natural especially when you give them a curl and a coat of mascara after the glue dries – an important step for blending them into your own lashes.

Ardell 110

Their 120 lash gives the same natural look but with a little more drama, like a sexy amped up version of the 110. For a wedding, I save these for the bride.

Ardell 120

For some moms, grandmothers, and those whose lashes don’t have the length to support a longer lash, I use the shorter Demure lash which gives a natural look to those without a lot of natural fullness.

Ardell Demure

If you’re doing your own lashes for a special occasion and can’t commit to applying a full strip, check out their flairs, a good compromise that offers the fullness of a strip with the application ease of the individuals.