Kim Kardashian Loves Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

I saw this photo recently of Kim Kardashian on showing how well Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs works to cover her red patches caused by psoriasis. 3 years ago I blogged about this coverage in a can, and it has been in my kit ever since. For the body, it’s a step above using a regular bronzing lotion because it’s water resistant and super opaque so it disguises veins, razor burn and uneven skin without transferring onto clothing – even when you sweat.

Credit: Jeffrey Ufberg/; via

Beauty Essentials You Don’t Already Have

You think you have beauty product known to (wo)man you’ll ever need. You’re the Macgyver of beauty, the one your friends go to when they need something to grow their brows, plump their lips, and make their skin glow. Would it surprise you to find out that you’re missing a few things? These uniquely cool offerings will add value to your beauty arsenal and sharpen your routine not to mention hold firm your reputation as your friends’ resident beauty know-it-all.

You Don’t Have: An Eyeliner This Color

Aside from the fact that the wear time of this liner is limitless, the color is nothing short of incredible. Every woman should own Estée Lauder’s Silver Zinc liner, a somewhat smokey grey with a touch of warmth. I’ve been using it to line under the eyes while still using black on top. It breaks up the look and adds a softness where black might be overpowering especially during the day. It’s a totally eye catching look that works on all ages and skin tones. FYI- it’s a limited edition color, grab one while they’re still available, I predict they’ll sell out soon.

You Don’t Have: A Shower in a Bottle

Admit it, there are days when laziness wins and the daily shower gets pushed aside. Instead of piling on a fragrance, you can spray on a shower-fresh scent like Lush’s Dirty Body Spray (nice name btw.) It’s meant to neutralize a not so fresh scent with their own yummy blend to successfully fake out the noses around you into smelling a much cleaner you.

You Don’t Have: Professional-Grade Vegan Brushes

Makeup Artist Samantha Champan knows what makes a good brush and her brush line reflects just that. They’re made with synthetic taklon brushes, so they’re vegan and 100% cruelty free. They’re ultra plush, high performing, and designed to take up minimal room- each one stands up on its end. Grab them at Ulta where you’ll find sets of 3 or 4 brushes being offered for less than you’d normally pay for just one in a department store.

You Don’t Have: A Waterproof Bronzer

Cargo is known for their legendary cheek colors and bronzers. This huge tin of perfectly balanced Water Resistant Bronzer is in my kit so I can bronze brides who have a good amount of dancing (and sweating) to do. It doesn’t move or change color even in the most humid conditions making it a go-to for the Makeup Artists on Dancing With the Stars.

You Don’t Have: Gluten Free Skincare

Brittanie’s Thyme is one of the better USDA certified organic lines out there with solid gluten-free options. This kit includes one of my favs from the line, their Organic Everyday Moisturizer that uses a base of Aloe and Coconut Oil to gently moisturize and nourish even the most delicate skin.

You Don’t Have: Razor Burn Relief

Res-Q from Satin Smooth delivers quick rescue for ingrown hairs, razor burn, bumps, and skin irritation after waxing, shaving, or threading. It’s one of those really useful things to have around in case of emergencies or to use daily if you’re prone to skin irritation from shaving.

You Don’t Have: A Cleanser That Smells This Good

My beloved Sanitas has this Lemon Cream Cleanser that I swear smells like a really decadent dessert. Sure it removes makeup and acts as a gentle, all-around great cleanser with hydrators and vitamins, but it’s the scent that makes using it an addiction.

Multi-Purpose Organic Scents from Intelligent Nutrients

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Intelligent Nutrients, Horst Rechelbacher’s second coming after pioneering the world of natural beauty with Aveda. I think we’ll probably look back at IN the same way as we do Aveda knowing that this line was on the forefront of a new revolution: Personal care made from food-grade oils to nourish the body inside and out. Don’t expect products that serve a singular purpose, everything from IN is meant to give multiple benefits like these two body elixirs that hydrate, soothe, and liven the skin with naturally-derived scents.

If you like Jasmine, their Jasmine Total Body Elixir is the absolute purest jasmine scent you’ll experience second only to the flower itself. Because the oil is so rich and dense in hydrating oils, you’ll want to use only a pump or two either solo or mixed with your favorite unscented organic oil to get a sexy, unforgettable scent.

Certified Organic Multi-Functional Aromas are a clever blend of fruit, flower, and plant oils that light up the skin with bright organic fragrance while hydrating and protecting it as well. It’s a beautifully scented body treatment that’s unlike anything you’ve ever used, and the perfect replacement to your synthetic perfume spray.

Intelligent Nutrients

Coconut Oil For The Skin

Though it’s not new, Coconut Oil is enjoying its time in the spotlight as an ‘it’ natural do-all because it’s filled with healthy fats that do wonders for the body, both inside and out (more on that HERE). I just picked up THIS organic, fair trade one from Dr. Bronner’s which I found next to the olive oil in the cooking section. Its semi-solid consistency melts into a thick oil when it touches the heat of your skin and soaks right in leaving a pure coconut scent behind. Your skin smells softly of dessert – sweet, light and drenched in moisture.

Skincare for the Hot Summer Months

When it’s hot, sticky, and humid, slathering on heavy creams is the last thing you want to do. Here are a few things you can use to get skin that’s clear and cool when the temperature rises.

Gel Cleanser: IMAN Time Control Liquid Assets Oil-Free Gel Cleanser $14

Start with a queaky clean surface right outta the gates. Using a gel cleanser instead of a cream will leave your skin feeling fresh and fully cleansed,  Iman’s gel cleanser foams up big, smells great, and even washes away makeup.

Light Weight Acne Treatments: Intraceuticals Clarity Treatment Gel $89

Heavy acne treatment creams can clump under makeup, especially when layered with sunscreens. I love the lightweight Clarity Gel from Intraceuticals. It’s an advanced formulation that calms redness and inflammation while creating an environment on the skin that’s free of bacteria and irritation. It’s a unique way to fight acne without causing the usual peeling and redness that can make skin look even worse.

Facial Masks to Dig Out Oil: Erno Laszlo Beta Mask $50

Beta Mask is my go-to when my skin starts acting up. It’s so refreshing and cool on my skin, it’s like an instant facial with results that rival a true spa treatment. It isn’t the kind of mask that you need to scrub off either, it’s easily removed with warm water. Use it weekly to rid skin of dirt and oil from sweating and being outdoors.

Back Spray: Glytone Back Spray $28

Running, yoga, and hot summer activities that leave you sweaty can lead to a back breakout – the worst kind mostly because you can’t see what’s going on. Glytone’s Back Spray really works, just spray it post-shower or pre-activity to prevent ‘bacne.’

Body Mud: Borghese Fango Brightening Mud Mask $64

I had a gift certificate to a spa once so I did this body wrap thing which was basically a body mask with hot towels wrapped around me. It was cool, but not $200 cool. I can do the same thing at home using a body mud like Borghese, the experts in at-home spa treatments. Their Brightening Mud Mask is the one I like, it deep cleans skin so well that you can see an difference in the clarity and texture of your skin right away. Perfect to slough away dullness for the time of year when you’re showing a little more skin.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant

I never would’ve guessed that there would come a day when I would spend $18 on deodorant, but I did. The Healthy Deodorant a natural formula that integrates Lavanila’s signature scents. Essentially, my pits smell like fresh baked vanilla cupcakes, better than the alternative I suppose and a sweet departure from whatever ‘April Fresh’ is.

Understand right off the bat that natural formulas are deodorants only, not antiperspirants. You may sweat at first until your pores become used to being un-clogged though I’ve heard from people that they didn’t sweat at all when jumping into this formula.

I probably have as many deodorant sticks lingering in my bathroom as I do mascaras, I’m always looking for a great one and I think this one is worth checking out. Yes, $18 is steep for a deodorant (also keep in mind Sephora’s forgiving return policy), but if it works it’s worth it. I can guarantee you don’t smell like cake at yoga, but I do. That alone is enough for me.

Lavanilla The Healthy Deodorant