genie-s – You Should Have This

There are few things I love more than a really good idea. I wish I’d thought up a genie-s, a really cool refillable atomizer that will allow you to carry around (and easily travel with) your favorite fragrance. It works like this…

Start with your perfume and pop off the sprayer to reveal the white plastic tip.

Here’s it is!
It has an opening on the bottom just for filling, nothing leaks out. 
I thought it would make a total mess, but with just a few pumps the perfume wooshed inside without any leakage. Oh, that’s eyeliner on my thumb not dirt, my hands typically look like I was just changing oil.

Damn thing, yes gravity still applies at my house – the picture wouldn’t rotate so the liquid looks  like it’s all on the side. Anyhoo, it took just a few seconds to fill. Super cool.

I love solutions that are inexpensive ($12) and make life so much easier. I filled it up and threw it in my travel bag so it’s always on hand when I’m packing without even thinking about it. It’s just one of those things that every woman should have.

You’ll find it HERE

Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion; A Fantastic Natural Self-Tanner

A gradual self tanning lotion from a natural line doesn’t seem like a home run, but I can honestly say that Nature’s Gate Glow Lotion works better than Jergen’s popular version.  I’ve been using the one for medium toned skin (even though I’m as fair as it gets) every day for about 4 days then take a day or two off to keep it looking natural and not too dark. It’s also good to let it fade down a touch and start from scratch on freshly exfoliated skin.

It looks totally natural in a way that’s uncommon for even the best self-tanning lotions. I literally have no seams, none. You can’t tell where the color begins and ends, not on my wrists or anywhere around my feet. You don’t even need to be that careful about applying it either, just rub it on like regular lotion and it somehow finds a way to connect to itself so it’s one even layer.

Totally natural, totally safe, and totally worth the $13 price tag. This big bottle will last me until next spring.

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California Baby Calming Non-Talc Powder to Set Deodorant

Yeah, I’m one of those. I try to use natural or organic products when possible which includes maybe the hardest part of the hunt; deodorant. I’ve pitted out through plenty of shirts in the name of blog research to find a good combination of what works, but right when I find something I’m loving – poof – it stops working and I’m a mess again.

For the time being, I’ve found a deodorant that I like. Well, let me back up, I’ve found a natural deodorant that’s working but it smells like patchouli. I’m not going to say I’d rather die than smell of patchouli, but I’d for sure rather be hung upside down by my toenails. To be P.C. about it, I would say that it’s not for me. In order to combat that scent (which only gets worse when you sweat!) I put some California Baby Calming Non-Talc Powder over top to help absorb wetness and mask the hippie smell. I’ve tried to avoid talc ever since this report came out years ago about the correlation between talc and ovarian cancer, and also since friends have told me that their oncologists suggest staying away from it (especially if you’re putting it anywhere near your lady business, or as it reads on the can ‘diaper area.’)

So for now, that’s my routine. Even if I change up deodorants I think I’ll keep setting it with the powder especially in the summer since I can use the extra help I can get.

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Beauty Big 3: Bethany Karlyn

Y’all remember Bethany Karlyn right? She’s the celebrity Makeup Artist who invented PRTTY Peaushun, the lotion I love and reviewed HERE. She’s worked with the A-List women in Hollywood who are so famous, they only need first names ; Reese, Salma, Cameron, you know the drill.

I had to ask her to be a part of the Beauty Big 3 because I wanted to know what she was using to make these girls (even more) beautiful, so here are her top picks.

Here she is – gorgeous.


Studio Stick Foundation is the foundation she uses most on set. “I like it best applied over Prtty Peaushun which gives it a beautiful subtle luminosity. I’m also a fan of Armani luminous silk liquid foundation which I use in the same way.”


“My can’t-live-without mascara is Shiseido Advanced Volume in brown. I can exercise in it, swim in it, shower in it, cry in it, sleep in it, and it doesn’t budge! It comes off with any cleanser and doesn’t require a waterproof remover. I get compliments on my lashes every day, most commonly, I’m asked if I’m wearing false lashes. Essentially, it’s as close to perfect as I’ve ever found. Been using it for years.”


“My fave moisturizer is PRTTY Peaushun, of course! Gorgeous on the body, face and hair! Besides being gorgeous it also benefits the condition of the skin with a formula that is 92% natural raw ingredients. The plant extracts serve to lift, tighten, firm and help with bruising and sore muscles. The glow helps diminish the appearance of minor imperfections and creates a sexy slimmer silhouette.”

Thank you Bethany! To check out her new body lotion PRTTY Peaushun click HERE

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Your Sandals Deserve Better Than This…

For a really easy way to get your feet ready for summer so they don’t look like this;

Click HERE

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After-Sun Hydrators for the Body

Too much sun can happen to even the most devoted sunscreen user. What seems like 10 minutes in the sun can actually be 60 – it’s hard to keep track when we’re having fun, so applying sunscreen isn’t always done in a timely manner. When the sun goes down and your skin feels a little crispy, try using a body hydrator that’s meant to get your skin back to feeling comfortable and calm.

Skin Drink from Elemental Herbology is a body hydrator that’s heavy on hydration but light in weight. It smells like a dream because of the watermelon seed, cucumber, and grapefruit extracts which repair damaged skin that’s thirsty from too much sun. It’s also meant to be used to extend the life of a tan.

I just used the Repairing After-Sun Balm from Decleor on my husband’s burned-to-the-point-of-blistering shoulders. It took away the itching and calmed the peeling and blistering way down within hours using 100% pure essential oils of rose, lavender, and chamomile (just to name a few) to give the ultimate in skin repair.

La Roche Posay’s Posthelios is what they call a melt-in gel designed for ultra dry skin that’s been beaten up by the sun. Shea Butter, Bisabolol, and Thermal Spring Water all work together to provide healing and bring down inflammation.

Cocooning Body Lotion from LifeNK harnesses the healing power of Allantoin to take away the sting and irritation of a burn. It’s vanilla, musk, and patchouli are blended  into a rich vegetable base of shea butter and almond oil to cocoon your skin in absolute moisture.

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