Brows 101 on Fox

Here’s the brow shaping video from Fox on Monday. I love how Carla showed exactly how to frame out the brow before getting started. Her best advice- make sure you have time to tweeze the entire brow since plucking little bits at a time daily can lead to over-tweezing that might never grow back.

If you’re in Colorado and would like to take advantage of the discount Carla offered on the show, give her a call 303-847-8708 and tell her you saw her on Fox. You’ll receive a consultation on brow shaping and a wax for only $30.

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Anastasia Matte Highlighter

Using the Matte Highlighter from Anastasia for the brow segment last Monday on Fox, I realized how dynamic it was.

Since the days of using white shadow to highlight the brow bone are o-v-e-r, a quick swipe of this cream-to-powder stick can create a brow shape even if there really isn’t one and give a little boost using skin tone correct shades. Run it along your brow line giving a more defined look, or use it under lipstick for longer wear. You can also use a bit on your lower lash line to add brightness and look less tired if your mascara runs.

The unique feature here is that it’s matte, which I love. I’m a big fan of leaving the shimmer on the lid and matte only up top. It’s modern and easier to pull off so you don’t inadvertently look like a disco ball.

$21, 6 Shades,, Sephora, Nordstrom

Anastasia Matte Highlighter

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Trish McEvoy Brow Builder

Filling in brows is one of the trickiest things in makeup, and for those with sparse brows it’s sometimes a decision between having no brows at all, and having them look drawn on.

Trish McEvoy’s Brow Builder solves the problem with her ingenious little pen that lays down tiny little fibers to mimic the look and texture of real brows. The lightweight colored gel colors the fibers and your natural brows the same shade giving the appearance of a fuller brow.

If your brows are very sparse or nonexistent, I’d start with a little brow powder first just to outline the exact shape of your brows, then use Brow Builder over top. It’s really easy to get the hang of, and the fibers stay put until washed away.

Trish McEvoy Brow Builderk

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Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum

Over-tweezing, too much waxing, and even age can contribute to brows not growing in like they used to. Sparse, patchy brows are often a big frustration for women who just can’t get them to grow in.

Anastasia’s Brow Enhancing Serum is filled with proteins and vitamins to rev up your follicles growing brows in fuller and thicker. Although this formula has shown results in as few as 4 weeks, I’ve heard it sometimes takes a few tubes for real growth- so hang in there.

Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum

DuWop Browwow


When it comes to brows, it’s the fair haired beauties that get the short end of the stick. There are plenty of brow products that claim to be perfect for blondes and lighter brows, but they seem to be too yellow or just too dark.

Browwow from DuWop in Lighter hits all the right notes with a brow powder, tinted finishing gloss, cream highlighter and double ended brush all in a sleek compact. The light color is perfectly ashy to enhance light brows without making them the main attraction.

DuWop Browwow

Brows with Carla Gray

Carla Gray has established herself as the leader when it comes to brow shaping in Colorado, she has a gift of knowing exactly what shape of brow flatters your face, and educates you on how to maintain them at home. Not only are her prices really reasonable ($35 for first time, $25 for maintenance), but she is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I asked if I could come in and bring hot-shot photographer Cassel McWaters to document brow magic in action and get some great tips to help us all find brow bliss.


Use a dark shadow to outline exactly where you’ll be tweezing or waxing. Mark where your brow should begin (directly above the inside of each nostril), at its arch, and at the end of your eye. Also trace along the bottom to create a barrier preventing too-thin brows.


Use a brow brush to sweep the hair upwards and trim all the way across, giving a perfectly finished look.


After removing the hair, highlight under the brow line with Damone Roberts Brow Highlighter in Pink-A-Boo shown here, or use concealer or a flesh toned pencil.


Final product.


Additional tips from Carla;

- Look for someone with brows you really like and ask them where they go for shaping, referrals are always the most reliable.

- Brows shouldn’t be shaped if you don’t have time for the essential planning before hand like using the dark shadow to create a border around what stays and what goes, it’s easy to get uneven thin brows when you’re in a hurry.

- Unless you’re having them professionally shaped, Carla discourages from tweezing or waxing the top of the brows because removing too much from there can make them too flat and shapeless.

- At the very least, have your brows professionally shaped every few months so you have a good template to keep up yourself.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in the Denver area, you can make an appointment with Carla: 303-847-8708