CARGO Lip Gloss Quad


OK, so it’s not the gloss that fits nicely in your front pocket, but as far as getting your return on investment for lipgloss, CARGO’s Lip Gloss Quad is your guy. CARGO’s glosses are notorious for two things; large round tins and four glosses you’ll give equal playing time. It’s always the same story; you see the palette with shades you think you like, purchase it, and then use just one color while leaving the others virtually untouched. Not the case here.

All of CARGO’s Lip Gloss Quads contain complimentary colors with and without shimmer that are easy to wear alone or blend together. I own most of them and can attest to using them all equally. South Beach (shown) is probably the one I use the most. Use the lighter shades to mellow out darker lipsticks or blend them together and adjust the perfect nude lip for day and night.

CARGO Lip Gloss Quad in South Beach

Beauty on a Budget with Sonia Kashuk

Sometimes it isn’t possible to spend as much as we’d like on makeup, and maybe we don’t have to. I have a few offerings from the Sonia Kashuk line found at Target compared to department store brands in identical shades.


If you like CARGO Cosmetics blush in Polynesia,
try Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush in Melon-34


If you like CARGO Cosmetic eye shadow in Babylon,
try Sonia Kashuk eye shadow duo in Double Whammy-12

Sonia Kashuk at Target

CARGO The Reverse Lip LIner


By now, many color lines have a version of The Reverse Lip Liner but I still love this one the most. Pictured left is the basic way to use the pencil, it really makes the lip look finished and keeps the lip color in place longer. I also like to use it to fill in the entire lip and then add just a hint of light peach or pink gloss for a faint nude lip.

Other uses include;

- Rimming the lower lash line to make eyes look awake without using white which can tend to look overdone.
- Faking an arch on neglected brows by drawing over the hairs making the desired shape, blending it into your eyelid.
- Lightening brows without bleaching them by using a few strokes over the brows and blending the color in.
- Using on blemishes or splotches, the consistency really stays in place.
- Preventing fall out from mascara beneath the lower lash line by drawing it where you would normally put liner, or below your liner line.

The blendability factor makes an additional step worth it since it only takes a second to apply and blending it with your fingers is ideal.

CARGO The Reverse Lipliner

CARGO EyeLighter


I love showing women products that they would normally pick up in the store, look at, then put back down because they just aren’t sure what they would do with them. Sometimes these are the products that make all the difference in a look like CARGO’s EyeLighter, a double sided stick that houses a rounded spongy tipped applicator dipped in shimmery white shadow and a pointed tip dipped in matte white. Now the ‘how to’ (shown) won’t turn out exactly like the photo which has airbrushed out the fine lines and creases we all naturally have, but the general application is the same for everyone.

This is a great trick for those with dark circles to brighten up the eye and also for those shadow-phoebes who want a dressy eye without using eye shadow to achieve it. The picture illustrates perfectly the best of what this look is all about, darker liner on the top and bottom lash line, a neutral shadow- just enough to give emphasis and a groomed brow. The placement is key, but highlighting all areas isn’t necessary, those with fine lines under the eye might find highlighting pronounces them, but the look is day and night friendly. Eyelighter gives your tired eyes a little perk in the morning and your nighttime sexy eye a little twist.

CARGO EyeLighter