Come Meet Me, Learn New Beauty Tips, and Take Home Some Great New Stuff. It’s Swapping Time!

If you live in Denver come meet me and get your beauty swap on at Studio Wed Thursday September 23rd.

I’ll be co-hosting a Beauty Learn and Swap with the Boston-based super duo The Swapaholics. Bring all of your new or gently used beauty stuff that you aren’t using (makeup, skin care, hair care, nails – whatever), and trade it for something you love. You can choose as much as you’d like and we’ll have Makeup Artists and Brow Experts on hand to demonstrate application techniques, give brow shaping advice, and answer your biggest beauty questions.

We’ll also have snacks, door prizes, and much more.

Come on down and say hi, it’s only $10 when you bring along some items to swap which is a great deal for some new things and beauty tips galore.

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And for you moms, check out our Mommy’s Night Out swap Friday the 24th where you can bring by the maternity and kids wear you’ve all outgrown and swap it for what you need. I’ll be there, and so will our Makeup Artists who will be showing the quickest and best makeup tips for mommies.

Tickets are available HERE at Your name will appear once you register and I’ll be picking 2 people randomly from that list and present them with a beauty basket at the swap. I have A LOT of great stuff to give away, so sign up now!

Come on out, I can’t wait to meet you!

Carissa in Dolly Magazine!

My readers in Australia know Dolly Magazine well, it’s geared toward teens like a Cosmo Girl or Teen Vogue is here in the U.S. I was beyond honored when they asked me to be a part of their Beauty & the Blogs article. They spoke with top Editors from different sites and got our perspectives on various beauty topics, mine being beauty myths. There are too many to name, but I gave my best 5 beauty myths and top 5 budget-friendly buys.

It turned out to be a 4 page extravaganza that was really beautifully done.

Bloggers know best, it’s all about what we love. I’m in pretty amazing company.
We have the Sydney-based blogger of

Also the Beauty Editor for Teen Vogue and the Editor of Primped
…And me! What?! Click the images to make them bigger 

Thank you to the editors at Dolly!

Click HERE to check out Dolly online.

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The Low-Down Beauty Schools

It might seem scary, but going to a school for your beauty needs is just a downright smart idea. I wrote a piece with the help of my own super-stylist Carrie Bellus, an Educator at the Aveda Institute Denver who gave me the scoop on student services.

Click HERE to check it out.

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How to Host a Beauty Swap; Carissa on Channel 2′s Everyday Show

I had a fantastic time today chatting with Natalie Tysdal and Crystal Egger about how to host a beauty swap on Channel 2′s Everyday show here in Denver. It’s so easy, just clear out all the makeup you don’t use and trade it for something you will with friends. It’s a great way to de-clutter and get a few things you need without spending a dime.


We’re hosting swaps for beauty, kids stuff, maternity wear, and clothing in Boston, L.A., and Denver this spring with more cities popping up. Click HERE for The Swapaholics newsletter or ‘Like’ them HERE on Facebook for the latest money-saving swap info.

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Colorado Parent Magazine Mommy Makeover and Cover Shoot

Recently, I was part of a team of fashion and beauty experts here in Denver who got to work with Jennifer, a busy, sweet, and deserving mom who won the opportunity to experience a full makeover. After she was dressed, cut, highlighted, and fully made up, she transformed into the cover girl for the May issue of Colorado Parent Magazine.

For her makeup, I used earthy tones to bring out her auburn coloring. We went for an easy, natural look and brought out her cheeks using a pinky blush. We talking about keeping makeup simple and how to manage a quick routine using the basics. She was a delight to be around and we all loved getting to know her.

Click on the image for the readable version.

Thank you to Colorado Parent Magazine and the team; Style Consultant Milena Joy, Photographer McCory James, and Hair Stylist and Co-Owner of Thompson & Price Salon in Denver, Stanley Thompson 303-733-1110.

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Happy (Belated) Earth Day!

Oh Earth Day. What was once a genuine push to make better decsions that affect us all is now a product push. It’s a day (like most holidays) where the sentiment is shoved aside and the marketing machiene takes front and center.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I do celebrate the companies that are donating to great causes in support of Earth Day (or month), and those introducing a new ‘greener’ line of something that’s toxin free, but for the most part people feel like they have to buy something to take part in the day’s festivities.

I recently put together a how-to artice for that details a way to get rid of the makeup and skin care items you don’t use, while picking up a few things you need. It’s called a Beauty Swap and it’s a fun way to get together with your friends and trade out the things you know you’ll never use without throwing them away. Best yet, you’ll walk away with what you need without spending a dime.

Trust me, this is the best form of recycling there is. Don’t throw out perfectly good makeup and skin care that you aren’t using, organize and beauty swap. And don’t forget the wine.

Click HERE for the article.

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