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More fun than Facebook, more interesting than Twitter- it’s all about Instagram the way addicting photo sharing app. I try to get something up every day or so and I follow back most normal-seeming people so find me and let’s creep into each other’s personal space via iPhone.

Oh- I’m also going to start giving things away on there so heads up…


Another Day Another Bride: Me at Work

Just a glimpse of me at work with a giant eagle watching over it all. No biggie. It’s actually taken at one of my very favorite wedding venues in Colorado, Crooked Willow Farms by one of the very best photographers around Travis Broxton. I’m putting together a look for a very sweet bride for her big day, in a photo where I believe I was newly pregnant.

I’d forgotten to share this a while back and I wanted to post it because I always think it’s interesting to see makeup used by artists at work. Oh, btw that’s Graftobian pressed powder and not Studio Fix of which I’m totally not a fan.



My Old Driver’s License Photo and the Importance of Even Brows

Since showing the world my placenta and many other unflattering pics, I decided this old drivers license photo from 8 years ago wouldn’t even be in the realm of embarrassing anymore. And really, the embarrassing stuff (relative to my new photo) has hopefully passed.

A few observations: the first being that my face was so much fatter fuller (30lbs-ish) that even my nose looks skinnier! How weird is that? Maybe (some) celebs are telling the truth when they say their noses are real when comparing past photos to now. Next, a new hair stylist taught me the value of a lowlight every now and again- bleach is a dangerous addiction. Lastly (though I could go on forever) but most importantly: brows. People, say it with me, I promise not to over-pluck and I will see a professional for some guidance. A trained Anastasia or Damone Roberts brow expert is great because they’re trained to pre-measure the brow and not remove too much. Big shout out to my brow ninja who got me all evened out, Carla Gray in Centennial who on our first appointment told me to not tweeze and come back in 3 months since there weren’t any brows left to shape.


Brows. They frame your face and make your eyes pop. Get yours evened out by a pro, the $40 or so is way worth it.

Makeup I Use & Jane Iredale’s Latest

What you see below is the makeup I packed for our California trip (brushes and skincare not included obvs). All were things I bought (save for the CARGO bronzer and theBalm shadow) in spite of there being plenty of makeup scattered around my office sent by companies wanting me to review it all. I do have a Japonesque case filled with makeup that I love using when time allows and there’s a reason to doll up, but most days I edit down and use at least one or two things from this pile.

Bronzer: CARGO
Mineral Foundation: Jane Iredale in Warm Silk
Laura Mercier: Eyeliner for Tightline
White Eye Pencil: Jane Iredale
Lip Gloss: Jane Iredale in Soft Peach (my all time fav shade)
Lipstick: Aveda Oyster Pink (limited)
Cheek Color: Jane Iredale Parfait
Single Eye Shadow: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
Shadow trio: Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in ‘Filter’
Foundation: Boscia BB Cream
Concealer: Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal
Not Pictured: Mascara CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion (the purple tube)

Click to enlarge

I use the Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup over the BB Cream for a little more coverage. In a hurry, I just brush on the Iredale powder solo.

Speaking JI- their new Smooth Affair primer is amazing. It’s a light weight nourishing formula with good-for-the-skin ingredients and antioxidants that really help makeup stay put. I’ve even used it a few times in place of a morning moisturizer when my skin isn’t feeling dry because it’s the perfect amount of hydration and it makes my skin look and feel great. She also introduced a mineral BB Cream that will soon replace the Boscia I’ve been using once it runs out. It has tons of coverage and a beautiful finish. I like it better than the Boscia because of the natural ingredients and it comes in darker shade selections rather than just one ‘universal’ shade that really isn’t.

Smooth Affair Primer

Glow Time BB Cream

What’s In My Kit?

I snapped this pic with my phone a few weeks back capturing some things in my kit I was using. Anything look familiar?

Click to enlarge

My VISIA Skin Analysis

The most horrifing thing I’ve ever enjoyed is probably how I’d describe getting my skin analized by MyChelle’s super fancy VISIA machine at Whole Foods today so I can see what the damage is (literally) with my skin and how I can fix it. Revealed in just seconds was the present and future damage that their line is designed to treat in a natural, but high-tech way. My fantastic beauty advisor explained the results for each of the 8 skin measurements (wrinkles, dark spots, texture, etc.) and then developed a personalized plan for me to achieve better skin based on the mapping. Dark spots and fine lines are what I’ll be tackling before returning in 10ish weeks to re-scan and see the positive changes in my skin. I’m so excited!

Let’s look at this mess I created in my 20’s by: tanning, using tanning beds, not wearing sunscreen ever, buying too-harsh skincare that was basically a step down from acetone, occasionally smoking, and generally not caring about the 35-year old me who now has to figure this thing out.

A snippet of my results. I especially like the part where my hearty Italian nose is accentuated by the drawing around it. Quick, someone get me a frame, this sucker is going above the mantle.

Look, shopping for skincare is confusing- even for me. There’s just so much out there and everyone’s skin is unique, it’s why you’re combing through my blog right now trying to get some sort of help to become less confused about it all. This is so genus, not only do you get someone to answer your questions, but you’re dealing with facts. No guessing, no buying something because your friend likes it, just facts. Here’s your skin now, come on back and let’s see how it’s better. It’s that simple.

Click HERE to find a VISIA near you to experience their FREE (!) skin analysis and bring a friend along who can help you make fun of your results. It’s more fun that way.