RMS Beauty: Pure, Organic Cosmetics

RMS Beauty is a concise, elegant, effective line of color developed by 20 year Makeup Artist veteran Rose-Marie Swift. She wanted to create a chemical-free makeup line using raw, organic, mineral-rich, food-grade ingredients to help heal the skin with Makeup Artist-approved results. The verdict? Kit-worthy basics that rev up the skin in a wonderfully natural way.

Un-cover Up:

It’s the only thing you need for dark circle-canceling coverage around the eyes, red blemish banishing, and overall skin-improving. I liked its creamy, easy to blend nature – it’s best suited for those who favor a tinted moisturizer, mineral foundation, or wear concealer alone. Dab it on and blend it only into the areas where your skin needs a little oomph.


lip2cheek is a pot of beautiful color that’s one of the first dual-purpose lip and cheek creams to actually flatter both. More sheer than dense, these luminous shades enhance the skin giving it a pretty flush of color.

I wasn’t sent their Living Luminizer, but it’s a best-seller – a glow-invoking cream without glitter or weight that gives skin a healthy glow. Based on what I’ve used from the line so far, it’s worth a buy.




Check em out online at RMS Beauty

Color, Color Everywhere

Maybe it’s my spring fever that has me totally inspired and seeing pops of color everywhere, but I had to bust out the camera and catch a few things I’m loving lately.

Top left; My careless application of SpaRitual polish in Spellbound, a classic Ruby Slippers shade that gleams in the sun and beckons tons of compliments.

Middle Left; Iman Cosmetics Luxury Liquid Liner in Onyx too pretty to save for special occasions, so just in case you’re wondering yes that’s me buying bananas at Whole Foods with my glitter liner blazing.

Bottom Left; My 17″ MacBook Pro that I look at so much I had it colored a slightly sparkly lavender shade with a graphite apple.

Right; NYX Cosmetics Grinding Blush in English Rose, a sheer enough shade that’s a perfect pink for all skin tones (and ages).

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Smashbox Spring 11′ Collection; In Bloom

I’m loving In Bloom, the spring collection from Smashbox that is filled with feminine, flirty, cheery shades that will slowly draw you in until you’ve nabbed the whole collection up.

I’m mostly obsessed with their Creamy Cheek Duo, one of the best cheek cremes I’ve ever used. Its sheerness allows you to build up mistake-proof color that’s flushy, natural, an super sexy. I’ve been dabbing a bit on my lips too for an easy monochromatic look, just add a few swipes of mascara and that’s all you need for an easy weekend look.

If you liked their Artificial Light lotion, then you’ll love the new powder version. A small, spongy applicator allows for precise application to the brow bone, cheeks, and your eye’s inner corners for a perfectly balanced sheen that tops off any look.

Check out this vid from Smashbox Lead Artist Lori Taylor who shows you how to get a look that’s In Bloom and just right for spring.

Revolution Organics; Natural Formulas for Lips and Cheeks

Grow baby, grow!

Revolution Organics is the little line that could, starting with 3 core products, one being their Skin Cream I reviewed 2 years ago that has 22 different uses from hair glossing to stretch mark prevention. I loved what they were doing and I knew hoped to see an expansion into the world of color, which they’ve done by introducing organically formulated glosses and color-rich balms.

I try to choose formulas that are on the natural side for my everyday lip glosses since they end up being eaten away. Their 100% natural (85% organic) Freedom Lip Gloss feels more like a rich balm than a gloss because of its soft feel and complete lack of stickiness. I love the easy formula that gives lips a casual coat of color, and the texture is something I’ve come to favor over my usual balms.

Of course being the masters of multi-tasking they had to make their Freedom Glow Beauty Balm more than just a cheek color. These tinted sticks do give cheeks a good flush of color, but you can also use them on eyes, lips, decloté, and even arms and legs. They’re formulated using olive and coconut oils so they’re hydrating and smooth into the skin really well. They’re also surprisingly long-wearing, similar to a stain but with way better blendability that’s easier to apply than most powders.

If you’re pregnant, have sensitive skin, are going through chemo, a mommy wanting  to multi-task, or just a nature girl at heart like I am, check out Revolution Organics. Their safe line of Makeup Artist approved basics won’t leave you disappointed.

Revolution Organics

The Beautiful, Blushing Bride Kassie with Photography by Studio JK

When one of my favorite brides of all time chose one of my favorite photographers of all time, I knew I was going to love the end result. This picture is by Studio JK, the excellent-as-always photography duo here in Colorado from a recent wedding where I was the Makeup Artist.

Kassie and I decided on a punched up eye using neutral brown shadows and black liner, a deeper-than-usual variation of her daily routine. Her big beautiful eyes also allowed my to use my favorite wedding lash, Ardell 120 for a dramatic, feathery lash that’s perfect for pictures.

Now this is a bride.

Nothing says ‘bride’ like rosy pink cheeks, so I swept Estée Lauder’s Pink Kiss Signature Blush across her cheeks focusing on the apples to give a blushing look that isn’t too precision.

Stila’s Long Wearing Lip Colors are still my go-to for stay-in-place color that doesn’t dry your lips out. It’s so dry here in Colorado, so chapped lips are a standard year-round event. These will stay on for hours without bleeding or fading while adding a good amount of moisture that isn’t typically present in a long-wearing formula.

I can’t wait to share more photos as they come in, but if I were you, I’d click HERE to see photos of a recent wedding shot by Studio JK. I wasn’t their Makeup Artist and I have no idea who the couple is, but the pictures are stunning (double rainbow and sunset shots, incredible!) His photography is epic, we’re lucky to have him here in Denver (and I was lucky that he photographed my recent headshots.)

When considering wedding makeup, remember to be as bold as the gown, the day, and the event itself. Don’t hold back, let that glamour flow.

So Long Matte Face: Rules for Radiant Cheeks

You’re probably tired of me talking about adding radiance to the skin, but it’s so key in getting a healthy look that I can’t stress the point enough. Even if you’re oily matte is not your friend, the look adds years and it’s so 90′s. Getting your daily dose of radiance is as easy as sweeping on a little blush with a hint of glow that will have all eyes on your beautifully lit cheeks.

First though, I want to illustrate exactly what I’m talking about when I say radiance.

Matte vs. Radiance.

Jennifer Aniston was the poster girl for the 90′s matte makeup trend. When the skin’s natural finish is overshadowed by matte makeup, it looks flat and dull.

Jim Smeal, Wire Image

And here’s Jen now sporting the modern look of luminous skin. The difference is made with the weight and finish of the makeup, she’s still getting great coverage but with something that highlights her skin instead of covering it up. She’s 9 years older in the second pic, but looks younger and fresher.

Kristian Dowling, Wire Image

Makes sense now seeing it that way right? Good, now let’s see some radiant cheek colors.

The Supernatural You Make Me Blush from Philosophy is a bronzy blushy combo that dances along the cheekbones to softly highlight them using a light-yet-well-pigmented mineral formula. In the light, you can see the soft gold tone in the shades that give the skin some serious dimension.

happy/healthy is the color pictured

Laura Mercier’s Mineral Cheek Powder also uses minerals to jazz up the complexion. It’s the nature of minerals to add depth to the skin, and to never look chalky or harsh. It’s a formula that serves up a light dose of initial color that can be built up as much as you’d like. This shade (Coral) looks really orangey in the pot, but it took several layers to look this dark against my fair skin. Translation: it’s hard to over-do it.

Makeup Artist Christopher Drummond uses finely milled mica in his Sateen Blush collection for the most radiant look out of the bunch. I got 2 compliments the first time I wore it, which never happens with blush. Build the color on slowly and apply it in natural light, you’ll probably use a lot less blush than you normally do because of how great your skin will look using the slightest amount.

Alluring Apricot is the shade shown
Just remember, weight is key when finding a radiant blush. Something that has a sheen and a heavy weight to it will translate into a frosted 80′s mess. Minerals are always a good option, and so is choosing a color that isn’t too light which can also look a little frosty because the sheen will show up more than the color – another big no-no. 
Beautifully accentuated cheekbones are always in style, so give them the punch of radiant color they deserve.

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