Kanebo Sensai Cheek Blush and Eye Shadow Palettes

Sensai by Kanebo is a luxurious line of treatment makeup, meaning they’ve used technology from their advanced skincare line in the makeup as well for a professional-grade, skin-loving result. Beyond the list of impossible to pronounce high-end ingredients are colors with textures that hug and melt into the skin.

Two of the most important (and often overlooked) attributes to blushes and shadows are texture and finish. Once uneven skin and a few lines become concerns, how the makeup settles into the skin becomes more important than the actual colors themselves. This will determine how you see the makeup on the skin and if it helps skin to look youthful, or if you’re aging yourself by using makeup too shimmery and best suited for younger girls.

What I like about their blush is the velvety feel in the absence of shimmer which can tend to settle into lines making them more obvious. Same goes for their eye shadows which are concisely limited to 3 palettes with the exact colors you need and will actually wear. Nothing more, nothing less. The silky formulations of both ensure a velvety overlay of color with a natural, lasting finish. No shimmer, no glitter. Just makeup for women who want to highlight their skin without looking like they’ve rummaged through the makeup bag of a 15 year old.

Cheek Blush, 5 Shades, $45, Exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman

Eye Shadow Palette, 3 Shades, $50, Exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman

Sensai Cheek Blush and Eye Shadow Palettes

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Erno Laszlo Multi-pHase Bronzer and Blusher

Using natural light

With a flash

Bronzers and blushes are magical. With just a sweep of a brush, you can add a richness and dimension to your skin that wasn’t there minutes ago. When you find the ones that suit your skin and know how to apply them, you hold the key to skin that looks rested and youthful.

Let’s start with how to use a bronzer. I see a lot of women use bronzers as blush. Don’t use a bronzer on your cheeks the way you would a blush, instead use it on your neck if your face tends to have a little more color than your neck does (like mine), then run a flash of it along the bridge of your nose, around the edge of your face, and a little on your forehead. The idea is to make it look like the sun has hit your face naturally.

You don’t want to use the bronzer alone though, to give your face contrast and to avoid looking muddy, pop some pink toned (to contrast the warmth of the bronzer) blush on the apples of your cheeks and sweep up. It might seem like you’re adding a lot of color to your face at first, but using products low in (or free of) shimmer will look the most natural, and applying them in this way is key.

Typically, I’m not a fan of the different colors coming together in a mosaic to make one blush or bronzer. The sorted colors seem random and they often times appear different each time you use them- not to mention they usually contain a lot of shimmer.

Multi-pHase Blusher and Bronzer from Erno Laszlo really changed my mind about using multi-colored compacts since these strategically selected colors all work together to create exactly the right shade. The bronzer has a virtually undetectable amount of shimmer, just enough to keep from looking flat, so it looks natural in the sun. Their Blusher is suitable for all skin tones- something unheard of for a pink blush, but its cheerful flush is offset by a little mauve keeping the Barbie pink away, but keeping cheekbones front and center.

$38, ErnoLaszlo.com, Nordstrom, Select Department Stores Nationwide

Erno Laszlo Multi-pHase Bronzer and Blusher

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NVEY ECO Organic Powder Blush

NVEY ECO does the seemingly impossible by combing organic ingredients into a beautiful, fun cosmetic line. Aside from featuring skin-loving ingredients, the product performs as well as professional lines and the collection itself is solid. I was just in a natural grocery store today checking out their cosmetic collections which appeared to me to be cheap looking makeup in cheap looking packaging for a whole lotta cash. Touting yourself ‘natural’ or ‘good for skin’ doesn’t mean we’ll overspend on something that doesn’t work and looks so thrown together we’re not even excited to bring it home.

Sleek, mirrored compacts house NVEY ECO’s Organic Powder Blushes made with coconut and jojoba oils along with vitamin e and corn silk for easy application and blending. You’ll find one or several of their 8 shades perfect for everyday wear. Today I’m wearing 954 Apricot, a matte coral that brings a nice glow to my cheeks.

$29, EcoNveyBeauty.com, Sephora.com, DermStore.com, SaffronRouge.com

NVEY ECO Organic Powder Blush

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Eve Pearl Blush Trio Sweet Cheeks

I might be a little bit obsessed, in part with Eve Pearl’s stellar line of cosmetics, and maybe just a little bit with Eve herself. During her impressive career, she’s won 5 Emmys, worked with some of the most respected names in Hollywood, and is currently the personal makeup artist to Meredith Vieira on the Today Show where she often appears to present the latest in beauty. But above all else, she’s incredibly nice.

She responded to me personally instead of customer service and was extremely excited to reveal her fool proof hi-tech way of making sure women don’t waste time and money finding shades of makeup to best suit their coloring. Skype.

But that’s for another time.

Today, we’re talking cheeks. Eve’s Blush Trio Sweet Cheeks to be exact. 3 compacts available for light, medium, or deep skin tones with the only 3 shades you need- pinky, peachy, and a bronzer. Its consistency was the first thing that struck me as I watched the pressed color turn into a fine dust on my brush that spread easily over my cheeks blending right in leaving a healthy glow. My crowded ‘blush area’ in my case was immediately cleaned out making room for not just another beauty product, but a real solution to something I didn’t know was missing. A lasting glow that makes an instant difference.

I’m testing a few other products from her line now, so reviews are on their way. Maybe I’ll even get to chat with Eve herself about their new groundbreaking method to reach all women to make their beauty routine a lot less confusing.

Eve Pearl Blush Trio Sweet Cheeks

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Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder

Glowing skin is an always modern for both day and night. Laura Mercier makes healthful looking skin so easy with their new Mineral Illuminating Powder offered in 2 delicate shades meant to highlight beautifully and not overwhelm.

Use it to highlight your brow bones, or sweep it over your cheeks either on top of foundation or just on bare skin. Bring life to your lips by dabbing it on over your favorite lip color, or even lip balm. I use a ton of it over the declote area, arms, and legs either dry with a big fluffy brush, or mixed in with a little body lotion.

Highlighting the skin gives a glowing, sexy look that works for all ages and skin types. It’s not a matter of if this powder is right for you, simply where you’ll find it works best on your face and body.

Nordstrom, Sephora, and LauraMercier.com $32

Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder

Add the Illuminating Powder to a few other Mercier must-haves totaling $125 to receive this gift with purchase which includes one of my fav cheek colors ever, Amberstone. All gift details can be found here. Offer good until April 15, 2009 while supplies last on LauraMercier.com only.

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Lancome Blush Subtil Delicate Oil-Free Powder Blush

Makeup changing color throughout the day is a big problem for women. How many times have you glanced in the mirror mid-day to discover the flattering shades you applied at home in the morning aren’t even close to being the same color anymore.

This happens a lot with blush when the oils of your face mix with the color and changes the appearance it on the skin. You can alleviate the problem by using Lancome’s Blush Subtil Oil-Free Powder Blush. Oily and combination skins will love it’s oil absorbing power, but women with dry skin who experience color changes with makeup will also appreciate its stay-true technology.

You’ll find a shade just for you in a sheer, shimmer, and somewhere in between finish depending on the amount of radiance you like to see on your cheeks.

Lancome Blush Subtil

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