Our Anniversary

Today was our wedding anniversary! Married for 7 years (together for 12!) Because it fell on a Monday, we have a 1 year old in tow, and I’m 7 months pregnant- we packed up and headed over to Dove Valley to check out a Denver Broncos training camp. Perfect family activity.

Well not quite, but it would’ve been perfect if they had bleachers. Or shade. Or parking. But all that aside, there was free football to watch! Not that I did.


I was chatting with my friend Chris and her kids which was much more entertaining.


Later Mike, Harper and I had pizza on a patio and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. It was exactly the low-key day we needed.


Happy Anniversary to the best person I know. Our girls are so lucky to have such a great dad.


What I Ate: Eating Out Edition

We’ve had such a fun, busy summer and being out means eating out so I wanted to show you some things I’ve eaten in the past few weeks while we’ve been on the go.

We met family at our local Vietnamese place Viet Pho and I had hot soup in 90° heat. It’s alway pho weather as far as I’m concerned.

We shopped and ate with friends last Saturday at the Boulder farmer’s market. The Greek stand had breakfast gyros with eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, and yummy tzatziki. It was a perfect snack. Strange fact: I hate eggs unless I’m pregnant then for some reason I can eat them.

It looks like it’s from a restaurant because it’s so pretty but the pasta dish was a special lunch Mike whipped up last week. It’s brown rice pasta with roasted red peppers, spinach, and our fave vegan sausage Field Roast.

Last Thursday we met friends for Greek at a little place called Tzatziki’s and stuffed ourselves with hummus and falafel. Harper loves falafel and had a great time trying new things. We also polished off two baskets of fries in full disclosure but they didn’t photograph as nicely.

It was all about a Mexican place in Denver called Blue Bonnet when I met high school friends for lunch last week. I could’ve eaten 3x what was on this plate but held back. I have a weakness for enchiladas.

After we took Harper to her first Colorado Rockies baseball game we stopped at Sweet Tomatoes for a quick dinner. I wish I had a salad bar at home, I’d have a huge salad like this twice a day. It’s all that chopping and prep work that drives me crazy.


My Washington Post Mention About the RG3 Wedding

Who knew my post about doing makeup for RG3′s wedding would get so much traction?

I was thrilled and honored to be featured in a write up today by Dan Steinberg in his DC Sports Blog in the Washington Post. Normally a blogger focused on athletics, Steinberg delicately balanced the sports aspect with the obvious interest in RG3′s new wife Rebecca with humor and wit.

You check it out HERE


The Denver Wedding of RG3 and Rebecca Liddicoat

Sometimes I get to work with people in the spotlight. Call them famous, or known, or high profile- but I just call them clients. Of course days like these are fun and exciting, lifting the veil for a moment to get a peek of a different world. But as a Makeup Artist for weddings, it’s most rewarding to see genuine love and appreciation for family which is what I experienced over the weekend working with Rebecca Liddicoat, the now-wife of Robert Griffin III a.k.a RG3- Heisman Trophy winner and superstar quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

In the few times I met her, I found Rebecca to be sweet, unguarded, funny, and so laid back. She doesn’t have a high maintenance bone in her body and she and her family are easily one of the nicest families I’ve worked with in the 16 years I’ve been doing this. It makes stories like THIS totally understandable. Her sister Lindsey was awesome, for months she coordinated and planned many of the details of the wedding, which was beautiful without being over-the-top. Everything was just very normal- aside from the guest list of course. THIS writeup in The Washington Post quoting gests as saying how beautiful the event was, and how RG3 encouraged everyone to get up and introduce themselves to someone they didn’t know because everyone in the room was family now pretty much sums it up. From what I experienced, these are two really genuine people who were raised with strong family values. It’s a good pairing and I wish them all the best.

Now, ready for the makeup talk?

Rebecca is pretty with great skin so bringing out her best wasn’t too difficult. She wanted a little bit of drama with some smokey eyes and big lashes. Here’s the full rundown of what I used.

Primer/ Moisturizer: Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè
Foundation: Kett Fixx Creme
Concealer: Smashbox High Definition
Powder: MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder
Setting Spray: NYX Matte Finish

Eye Shadow Primer: MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream #13
Eye Shadow: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Eye Liner: Laura Mercier Kohl Liner Extreme
Lashes: Ardell 120
Mascara: CoverGirl Professional

Cheeks: Laura Mercier Créme Cheek Color in Oleander
Bronzer: Jouer Mineral Powder Bronzer
Lips: MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Rouge #2
Lip Liner: Laura Mercier Lip Pencil in Baby Lips



Venue: Four Seasons Denver
Event Planner: Kate Kelly, Catering Sales Manager

Photo Via @pierregarcon Instagram

Photo Via @pierregarcon Instagram

Harper’s First Birthday

Happy 1st birthday to our sweet girl Harper. Her celebration was so much fun, a labor of love that hopefully she will look back on and smile. It wasn’t a small affair, 80+ people came out to enjoy the perfect Colorado spring day. It was hot- mid 80′s so we rented a snow cone machine so we could keep cool with a nostalgic treat that everyone loves. Since 30ish guests were kids, the jumpy castle was a no-brainier. It was great for them and heaven for the parents who were able to socialize without having to entertain bored kids. We also had a face painter who kept the kids (and adults!) happy by giving them each a unique design they loved.

Her little dress was from Janie and Jack’s Adorable Garden collection. She also had the matching hat, sunglasses, and socks but of course those came and went throughout the day. It was a light weight cotton dress in the party’s theme color of lavender so she could move and be comfortable without any stiff material to worry about. It was also easy to wash so the bits of food and cake came right out.

Speaking of cake, that whole situation was maybe the toughest decision we made. She hasn’t had sugar and Mike and I are both heathy eaters so we didn’t want her to dig into a big sugary mess just for entertainment but we still wanted a cake and singing experience. We decided on an angel food cup with a little whipped cream on top which she squished and played with before discovering it was food. Just a few small nibbles and she was over it and ready to get on with the party. Perfect. We made strawberry shortcake for the rest of the party to enjoy.

I had a whole elaborate menu planned out before waving the white flag and letting Costco do the croissant sandwiches and wraps. This pregnancy has had me on the ropes and I’m just coming out of the fog of sickness I’ve been in for months so we made a few things to accompany the sandwiches for a nice lunch and kept that part pretty easy. The sandwiches were meat so Mike and I (being vegetarians) had little to eat at our own event. Next time it will be different.

So yes, it was a somewhat grand party that she won’t remember but she will see how many people loved and celebrated her on her special day. Learning to be a mom has been such a ride! I think Mike and I were celebrating each other as parents and thanking our supporters as well. It was a perfect day.

Happy Birthday little one. Thanks for teaching us so much.



Casa Bonita

If you live in Denver (or if you watch South Park) you know about Casa Bonita, the 52,000 square foot Mexican restaurant/ cliff diving extravaganza that has been a fixture here for almost 40 years. The food is terrible but the sopapillas are amazing (they’re all I had for dinner) and everything is so dirty and glazed over with a fine mist from the water that every surface is sticky to the touch. Regardless, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before so it’s worth a pop in especially if you have kids. The big draw is the cliff diving by high school kids mostly who put on little skits while being chased around by a gorilla and then dive into the the 14 foot pool below from 30 feet above. That part is cool- for all ages actually. The other fun part is the old-time photos that you can take. We took this just a few weeks ago when our good friends were in town, he grew up here so he wanted his family to experience CB. It wasn’t easy to get 4 adults and 4 kids into heavy, slip-on-over-your-clothes costumes (that I’m certain have never been washed) then stand there and sweat under hot lights in a cramped space until roughly 8 shots are snapped. But when it’s all said and done you walk away with a hilarious picture with your friends and family that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Totally worth it.

casa bonita