Eye Brighteners

Laura Mercier Eye Brightener

Jane Iredale Active Light

So many women apply makeup for no other reason other than to avoid looking tired. Just the smallest amount of eye brightener under your usual concealer can make the biggest difference in your overall look and diminish tired eyes.

What makes the brighteners unique is the color and added luminosity. Since it’s specifically for the eye area, they have a pinky or peachy hue which assists in disguising the blue tone of dark circles. Luminosity is another added benefit, like in the case of the pens highlighted above, to give a look of brightness and to neutralize dark circles so your concealer won’t have to work so hard. Use the smallest amount on hydrated eyes under concealer.

Best Concealers

So very few women have a concealer that they’re 100% attached to. Balancing out consistency with pigment is a delicate balance that for some reason isn’t often achieved. Many times what looks to be a good concealer upon application, becomes creased, obvious or just disappears altogether.

Of course there are a few that have achieved cult status like Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat for its airy light luminosity, Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage for it’s rich consistency, and Cle De Peau Concealer for its silky feel. So let me introduce you to a few more gems that hide discolorations, fight smudging and creasing, and last all day long.


When I saw a concealer by a company I didn’t know selling at Sephora under their ‘Best Sellers’ for $40, I knew I had to pony up the dough. Who is AmazingCosmetics and what’s so incredible about this concealer? Quickly I discovered that this full coverage, waterproof concealer smoothes over imperfections covering them completely without appearing cakey or the least bit visible while using only the prescribed ‘pin dot amount.’


Time Balm, a cream concealer from The Balm, touts itself as anti-wrinkle meaning it doesn’t settle into fine lines causing new imperfections while trying to hide the old ones. Even the most stubborn dark circles can’t stand up to the powder of this little pot packed with vitamins A, C and E. On several occasions, Time Balm has cut the dark circles that I would’ve otherwise used 2 separate concealers to cancel darkness around the eyes, and the creamy consistency is even appropriate for a more mature eye.


BECCA’s Compact Concealer has you covered in a few different ways with their ingenious little split pan. One side is a creamier version providing medium cover, while the other side gives full coverage with a slightly dryer consistency for bigger jobs. Find your perfect combination for what suits your face and eye areas. And with an impressive shade range of 34 colors, everyone is sure to find their ideal match.

BECCA Compact Concealer


There is only one category I haven’t written about until now. Concealer. I’ve tried everything; some settle in fine lines, some make blemishes look worse, most look great when you put them on, then wear off in about an hour and many are just too heavy. BECCA’s best selling concealer delivers a one-two punch by having an unheard of selection of 34 colors to ensure the perfect match and by splitting the compact in two using one side for medium coverage perfect for the eye area, and the other side for a heavier coverage that wears all day long. The consistency is uniquely silky with a bold texture and the results are flawless.

BECCA Compact Concealer

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

Had a long weekend? Didn’t sleep well last night? Pep up your eyes quick with Bobbi’s Tinted Eye Brightener. I’ve replaced my eye concealer with this little pot of magic. The peachy- pinky color is perfect for canceling out darkness around the eye and the formula is light and blendable without settling into fine lines like some concealers can.

I literally pile it on getting it really close to my lower lash line keeping my eyes looking fresh and awake. If you have super dark circles, you might try it over your usual concealer and if your eye area is overly dry, mix it with a little eye cream. This really is one of those products that most women can benefit from using- which is quite rare. Tired looking eyes are the worst, drop by a Bobbi and pick up a sample. You won’t be disappointed.

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener