Dear Carissa- Eyeshadow Trouble

Hey Carissa,

My problem is with shadow. I feel like I’ve tried EVERYTHING imaginable to try and get my shadow to stay on all day, but haven’t had any luck yet. Help!


Hey there Cover_Grrrl,

I have a few go-to’s in my bag of tricks that are sure to get shadow to stay on for hours (literally, my girls can keep their same makeup for days after a good application).

But first let’s talk basics.

When is the last time you washed your brushes? Get a bottle of baby shampoo (just the cheap stuff) and shampoo all of your brushes until the water runs clear when you rinse them out. Gently squeeze the brushes and lay them flat to dry overnight. When you can see the brushes are coated, wash a few of them in the morning right after you use them just to keep them in good shape.

Don’t use eye cream or moisturizer on your lids in the morning.

Use a primer first. Give the powder shadows something to stick to with a cream primer.

I like, (from left to right), Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow, M.A.C Paint.

Only Shadow Insurance is a true primer, but the other two are great to grab on to shadows and hold on to them for a full creseless day.

Dear Carissa- Drugstore Finds

Thanks for your emails- I’m committed to getting through them all!

Keep your questions coming

Hey Carissa,

I live in an area that doesn’t have a Sephora, it’s mainly drugstores. I don’t know what makeup or face stuff I should get or if there are brands there that work as well as others.

What can I get at a drugstore that works without spending a lot of money??


Missoula, MT

Hi Katie!

In two sections shown above I’ve compiled skin care and makeup. Nothing is over $10, and I’ve tried it all.ou have some great options as far as skin care, and a personal fav of mine in the bunch is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. It’s been around forever because it gives immediate results and can be used as a drying treatment overnight for break outs.

Drugstore makeup has really come a long way, several products shown I buy and use regularly. CoverGirl’s LashBlast has the biggest brush I’ve seen to really add bulk to lashes. L’Oreal’s HIP line is as good as some professional lines, the pigment is rich and the colors blend well.

You’re in good hands with these huge drugstore companies. They often have more money to spend on research and development than some newbie beauty brands, so the mascara you buy has probably been in development for years until it was deemed perfect. You’ll find plenty of great values in a drugstore where your dollar will stretch a long way to build your perfect everyday look.