It’s Perfectly Fine..


To dress up your dogs in various holiday head wear and include them in your holiday cards. These are our original babies which we haven't forgotten and of course, neither have they. Meatball and Frisco- our 9 year old furry children. … [Read more...]

Meatball: Who Tore the Paper?

I don't think I ever posted this vid of my dog Meatball. It pretty much solved the mystery of which dog was tearing paper for the past 2 years when we left the house, but we actually thought it was Frisco the whole time. As you can see, he was … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween!


For Harper's frist Halloween her gram got her the requisite pumpkin costume that all babies must wear because, let's face it, it only looks good on them. Well, them and Meatball. He wanted a costume to match his sister. Please tell me we … [Read more...]