Pixi Catching Shadows Crayon for the Summer

I try not to get too complicated when it comes to my makeup routine, but I do make a few changes when the the weather starts to heat up. First to go are usually powder shadows that can look heavy or chalky in the sunshine. I’ve been using THIS Lid Last Shadow Pen ($18) from Pixi in place of my usual powder shadows and really loving it. It’s easy to swipe on and blend using only fingers and it stays on without creasing (I still use a primer and matte powder shadow first so it has something to grab onto.) The shade is perfect too, a shimmering champagne that’s just a step beyond having bare lids, but not a full on heavy shadow look – something else I avoid in the hotter months when flushy cheeks and pink and coral lips take over for winter’s defined eyes.

Catching Shadows Crayon in the shade ‘Beaming Reflection’

I think this particular shade is part of a limited collection so find it soon, HERE are the other colors available in the crayon.

NYX Deep Charcoal Shadow for a Perfect Smoky Eye

This $5 single shadow from NYX in es29 Deep Charcoal happens to be one of my favorite gunmetal shades I’ve ever used. The depth is just right – not too dark so you can smoke it out with black liner and still have that contrast that’s so important to the look. It’s also balanced with enough shimmer to make it wearable and easy to blend, but not overly shimmery. It creates the perfect smoky eye on all skin tones by adding just the right amount of drama.

Review: Garnier BB Cream

Click HERE to check out my review of Garnier’s $12 BB Cream at Walmart.com. It’s the foundation/skin treatment everyone is buzzing about for a fraction of what most of them cost.

How to Get Huge Lashes

If you see me out somewhere I’m probably wearing no less than 7 coats of mascara. You’d never know it because my lashes are never thick or clumpy, just long and defined and I know it’s due to the formula I’ve been buying pretty consistently now for years: LashBlast Fusion. I don’t really know the difference between this one versus the orange tube, but I didn’t like the orange and the yellow tube was great for a while but I couldn’t get it to build like I can using this formula.

My process goes like this; primer (PureLash, I’ve used it for 4+ years now), then curl (with the Shu curler of course), then the first coat of mascara using the ‘press and wiggle’ technique taking the brush from the very base of my lashes all the way up to the tip. This will lay down more than that ‘flicking’ technique where the wand barely grazes the lash tips and doesn’t pump up the roots where you want the most volume. Now let it dry. Applying  more to wet lashes creates clumps so be patient – it’s only a few minutes. All dry? Curl again (hugely important – you’ll get way more of a a wide-eye effect with 2 curls instead of one), then another coat. Your subsequent layers will be applied from the mid part of the last upward and always wait until the last coat has dried. Keep laying it on until you’re happy.

With some mascaras this might be a recipe for disaster, but there’s something about this formula, brush, and technique that makes lash building so easy.

Physicians Formula Nude Palette i.e. A Less Expensive Version of Urban Decay’s Naked Palette

If you’re not willing to spend the $50 for Urban Decay’s Naked palette, check out the Nude palette Physicians Formula just released with a similar look as Urban’s but for only $11. While I can’t vouch for the shadow’s textures and color payoff, I can say that I’ve had great luck with this line (especially the bronzers!) and $11 for 9 wearable shadows is a damn good deal.

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream

Xtreme Lip Cream $6 from NYX is pretty fantastic; high pigment, rich, creamy, and a gorgeous gloss-like shine. I’m addicted to mine, and I don’t usually like to wear lip color. There’s just something about the way the cream makes my lips look that I really love and I get an easy boost of much needed color.

11 shades available

The one I have is this one- Nude Peach Fizz, it looks a little darker in the photo.

It reminds me of the same color Pamela Anderson (and every other playmate) is known for wearing – a peachy-pinky nude.

Kim Kardashian also rocks that slightly-deeper-than-nude shade that I love.


On the lips.

Although this shade is my fav, the whole collection is like a best-of for the sexiest and easiest to wear lip colors around. Do the ol’ wet toothbrush on your lips to exfoliate them before gliding it on, its dense formula works best on soft lips.