Get Jennifer Aniston’s White Sneakers

I saw this pic of Jennifer Aniston recently and knew I had to have whatever shoes she was wearing. It’s such a cute look and very ‘her’ just a notch above casual, which is also as it turns out, very ‘me’ as well.

Luckily had her whole outfit deconstructed so I found out her shoes were by a line I’d never heard of called Superga. I ordered the white ones from but had to hold myself back from ordering them in every fun shade they offered. Their color selection is so fun.

I’ll wear them as she did, with cuffed jeans and other cropped summer pants. They’re neater than flip flops and add more style than Converse. I’m so excited they were only $65!



Jessica Alba and the Case for Wearing Corsets

If this woman can have the world’s smallest waist by wearing a corset for the last 15 years, then Jessica Alba’s recent confession about getting her waistline back in order after kids by wearing a corset seems likely.


Alba told Net-A-Porter mag, “After birth I wore a double corset for three months. It was sweaty but worth it.”

I had a similar experience after the birth of my daughter when I wore a hospital issued binder to keep my cesarian incision compressed and comfortable. I instinctively wore it round the clock for months just for relief but my stomach did get back to its normal state fairly quickly. (Of course Tracy Anderson’s post-baby workout helped too, but I waited 6 weeks to heal before doing any exercise.)

Hourglass Angel has corsets and waist sinchers especially for this sort of thing. Next time around I think I’ll grab something like this that’s made especially for waist slimming which might offer better support for my incision as well.


Benefits of Coconut Oil

I love all things coconut from the chia pudding I’m eating right now made with coconut milk, to the oil I use as a body hydrator fresh out of the shower. I’ve also used our rice cooker to steam Harper’s apples and pears in coconut oil with a dash of cinnamon for several months now for her breakfast. It’s her favorite and a great way to feed her the healthy fats her growing brain needs. Check out the benefits of coconut oil via in a cute little infographic below.

Infographic by

Infographic by

Jewelry from Unique Vintage

I just found out about and their adorable jewelry collection that sells on average for around $30, here are just a few things I liked but click HERE to see all of their offerings.

Color Me Collared Necklace $20

necklace 2
With Love Heart Hands Necklace $32

Skull Wreath Ring $32

The iPhone App That Could Save Your Life

Melanoma is no joke. It’s a very serious, deadly form of cancer responsible for about 75% of all skin cancer related deaths. We’re told to get regular checks from a dermatologist especially if we have a spot that looks suspicious, but what if you don’t have insurance? Most people probably won’t spend a few hundred dollars when it might turn out to be nothing.

The SpotCheck app for iPhone eliminates the often high cost involved to discover if you have a mole that’s normal, or one that requires a doctor to take a second look. It’s easy, first you answer two questions about the spot, snap a photo of it, then pay $5 to send it in for one of their dermatologists to personally take a look at it. Within a day, they’ll notify you if it’s fine or atypical while also highlighting dermatologists in your area.

You can learn more about the app HERE. It’s a good solution if you’re wondering about a suspicious looking spot – it’s also free to download, you’re only charged per inquiry.

Missoni for Target Lookbook

I’m so excited about the launch of Missoni for Target on September 15th where you’ll find over 400 items expertly designed by Missoni using their signature style and iconic zig zag pattern at Target prices. Although the women’s clothing is as fantastic as you’d expect there’s so much more to the collection; luggage, throw pillows, rain boots, kid’s clothing, and even a cruiser bicycle that I’m really digging are all Missoni-fied. Here’s a peek at some of the women’s offerings.


You can check out a lookbook here at

See you September 15th Missoni- that bike is mine.